Core Values

Our core company values were developed together, as a team. These values drive our work every day and guide us on our mission to provide exceptional service, quality, and value to our customers. 

Customer Focused

We will provide exceptional service, quality, and value to our customers. We believe that the extra time and effort to exceed customers’ expectations will yield long-term loyalty from them. 

Safety Minded

We will always make the safety of ourselves, our coworkers, and others our number one priority in everything that we do. 

Ethically Behaved

We will handle all our interactions with customers, suppliers, and coworkers in an ethical, professional, and honest manner.
We will stand by our commitments and deliver on our promises. 

Team Oriented

We will work as a team because we know that a committed team can always achieve more than a collection of individuals.
We will be proactive, positive, conscientious, respectful of others, and do our very best to meet our goals so that our team will achieve success.

Results Driven

We will do our best to exceed our goals and achieve excellent results. We will take responsibility for our actions, shortcomings, and learn from our mistakes.

Continuous Improvement 

We will relentlessly improve our processes, relationships, and professional contributions so that everyone associated with Garrety Glass succeeds.

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“Doing business with you is the way business should be done. I will not hesitate to refer you & your team.”

- Todd, Middle River