Garrety Glass Financing for Your Projects

Garrety Glass Financing For Your Projects

Your home improvement project can start now with flexible financing to suit your situation. Whether you want to replace your windows or give your house a sunroom, our team at Garrety Glass wants to make it happen. We provide financing options so you can get your needed house repairs or improvements now and pay them off over time.

Garrety Glass Financing for Your Projects

Garrety Glass Financing for Your Projects

Don’t Postpone Home Improvement

Home improvements can pile up fast. You might have a list of projects you want to accomplish, but need more cash to finance the project. Even if you have the money in your savings, you might be hesitant to use it in case other significant expenses arise. As a result, you wait to start the project, and it never seems like the right time to begin.

Take it from us — the longer you wait, the longer your project list will get, and it might include costly repairs if you delay an important task. Home improvements can increase your home’s value and keep it in better condition for longer. While you might hesitate to take on a large and expensive project, you can make some or all of your investment back once the project is finished — you just need financing to get started.

If you’ve been putting off a large project to save money, consider a financing option from Garrety Glass.

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Financing From Garrety Glass

At Garrety Glass, you get quality products and top-tier service at a price you can afford. With our in-house financing, we make it easy to start your home improvement project. You can reach out online or visit our showrooms to discuss financing options and find one that suits you. We make it easy to apply for financing and offer various options to help you repay according to your schedule. Here are a few details about the funding we offer:

  • Options with no interest and no payments for one year
  • Rates as low as 7.99%
  • Terms up to 15 years
  • No prepayment penalty or additional fees
  • Fast and easy application process with little to no paperwork
  • Quick credit processing
  • Applies to all major products (sunrooms, shades and awnings, showers, windows)

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Benefits Of Working With Us

We can help you improve your home at an affordable price. Here are a few advantages of turning to our team for financing and home improvement projects:

We only use high-quality brands to ensure you get the best value for your money. We also strive to provide affordable pricing.

Many of our products have lifetime or 50-year warranties, meaning you can enjoy your new windows or sunroom while you pay them off and for many years afterward.

We train all teams at our factory and never hire subcontractors to ensure you receive the highest quality of work, making it worth your investment.

Talk To Us About Your Financing Needs

We want to help you create your dream home, whether you want a glass shower, an enclosed sunroom or new windows. To streamline the financing process, we offer in-house financing — no need to seek out funding somewhere else. Contact us online or visit our showrooms in Pennsylvania and Maryland to discuss your financing options with our team.

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