What Types of Glass Work Do You Do?

It might be quicker to tell you what we don’t do! Seriously, if it has to do with glass, we are here to handle it for you. We do residential repairs and replacements of all types. We can do tabletops, custom mirrors, glass shelves, shower enclosures and lots more. We do commercial work and are also certified experts installing Betterliving Sunrooms.

In other words, if your project or repair has anything to do with glass, contact us.


I’d like to Get an Estimate Without Feeling Obligated to Buy. Can I Just Get a Price?

We are a company that hates anything that shows disrespect to our customers. That means we refuse to use high-pressure sales tactics or phony discount strategies to make people feel cornered into buying something. We are glass professionals. When you ask us for a free estimate, expect courteous treatment and to have all your questions answered. We give you a fair price quote for the work and then let you decide. No pressure and no obligation.


When Making a Decision about My Glass Repair or Project, Doesn’t It Make Sense to Just Go with the Lowest Price?

How you ultimately decide on a project is of course up to you. While price is always a factor, sometimes the lowest price doesn’t turn out to actually be the lowest. If it isn’t done right the first time, it costs you additional time and money to get it fixed. If it doesn’t last as long and has to be replaced sooner, there is a cost to that.

There is also a less tangible cost to having to look at a glass repair or item that is less than you hoped. Here are some considerations besides price you may want to take into account:

  • Can the company provide testimonials and references?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do the installers have the necessary experience?
  • What kind of warranties are being offered?
  • Can they show examples of their work?

And ask the same of us – it’s only fair!


Can I See Pictures of Your Work?

Yes. We have some gallery pages available right here on the website! Click here to see them.


Do You Accept Credit Cards?

Yes, we accept most major credit cards.


Do You Handle Commercial Glass Work?

Yes – we actually do a high-volume of commercial work. We have an outstanding reputation because we can meet all architectural needs and we are comprehensive in our commercial offerings – if it is glass, we can do it. We also know the importance of on-time, on budget work. See more Commercial Glass FAQs below.

Why Should I Use Garrety Glass to Install My Sunroom?

With Garrety Glass, We offer the best sunroom warranty in the business. a 50-year manufacturer’s Warranty! Not only that, but you will get a 15-year glass seal warranty on your glass as well as our 2-year labor warranty for the installation. Things can go wrong when contractors who don’t have specific experience with sunrooms offer to do it for cheap and get in over their heads. They might even be nice and well-meaning, but don’t let them experiment on your home. Sunrooms must have materials engineered precisely and installed by experienced sunroom experts. Anything else can lead to disaster.


To Be Honest, I’d like to Explore a Sunroom as an Option, but I’m Not Sure Yet. Can I Avoid Getting into a High-pressure Sales Situation and Just Get More Information?

You found the right company if you want straight information minus the sales hype. We are fully committed to a zero sales pressure, no pricing games approach. Our sales process is to show you everything you ask about, lay out the most sensible plan based on what YOU TELL US, and then step back and let you make the decision.


I’m Worried My Sunroom Will Have a Tacked-on Appearance. Will My Sunroom Look Natural to My Home?

Yes. When it is done it will look like something that has always been there. We can help you pick the sunroom that best matches the architectural style of your house and execute a seamless install.


Can I Talk to Some of Your Customers Prior to Deciding?

Yes. We can give you references. Simply contact us and we can give you names and phone numbers of our sunroom customers. You can ask them about any part of our process and their overall satisfaction with their sunroom.


What Is Your Service Area?

We service the following PA Counties: Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Juniata, Mifflin, Perry, & York. We also will service the following Maryland Counties: Baltimore, Carroll, & Harford.


Can I Find a Sunroom Cheaper than You Offer?

Yes, but the catch is in that word ‘cheaper.’ We don’t build from a ‘kit,’ our manufacturer offers a 50-year warranty and we are adding permanent value to your home. So yes, there are cheaper ways to get a sunroom, but we deliver the best overall value.


If I Sign a Contract to Get a Sunroom Installed by Garrety Glass, What Can I Expect Next?

You deserve the highest level of communication right from the beginning. We kick off each project with a meeting between the Design Consultant, our installation manager, and you, the homeowner. This meeting is our way of showing our commitment to communication and to building the exact room that you want. The meeting is not over until you have a complete understanding of the installation and you are satisfied with every answer.


What Do I Need to Know about Permits and Inspections to Get a Sunroom Addition?

When you use Garrety Glass, you don’t need to know anything about that red tape. We handle all of it for you as part of doing our job.


Who Will Actually Install Our Sunroom?

Our thoroughly experienced, factory trained installers. We have a seasoned group and we DON’T use sub-contractors to build your sunroom. As a requirement of our affiliation with Betterliving Sunrooms, our installation team must spend two weeks of on-site training at Betterliving headquarters. In other words, you won’t find a better-qualified team to install your sunroom.


How Long Does an Installation Take?

Each project is unique and customized to each customer’s needs. This means time frames can vary, however, our typical installation takes 2-3 weeks. We can give you an accurate picture of the timeframe during the estimating process.


We Plan on Using This Room a Lot. We Need to Have Tv and Electronic Equipment Installed – Will That Be an Issue?

No problem at all. We have internal built raceways designed to meet all your electronic needs which you will not find with all sunroom manufacturers.


How Messy Can I Expect My Home to Be During This Process?

We don’t think of this as our construction site… we remember that it is your home. We have a finely developed install process that is orderly and minimizes mess. We will pick-up the jobsite every day before we go home. Also at the end of the project, we use a thorough checklist to make sure we leave your home the way we found it. And no sunroom is considered done until the owner performs a walk-through to make sure everything has been done to our high standards.


How Will I Know When Your Installers Will Be Able to Start? Do You Just Show up When the next Available Slot in Your Schedule Opens or Are There Specific Dates?

Our quoting process doesn’t just give you a price, we also “quote” you installation dates. You deserve better than to guess at when our professional team of experienced installers will come to your home.


What If I’m Not Satisfied with an Answer from Garrety Glass?

We seriously doubt that will be a problem. But we want to go further than a vague, “that won’t happen” answer. Our owner insists that all customers be given his personal cell phone number. If any answers we give fall short of full satisfaction, then feel free to give him a call.


I Have High Standards for the Look of My Home and I Often like Things Built to My Custom Specifications. Can Garrety Glass Meet Custom Requirements?

Absolutely, 100% yes. In fact, everything is customized and we’re experienced at doing it. No kits. No one-size-fits-all solutions.


If I Sell My Home Anytime in the next 50 Years, Is the Warranty Transferable to the New Owner?

Yes. All Betterliving sunrooms come with a 50 year non-pro-rated, transferable manufacturer’s warranty. This is the very best sunroom warranty in the business!


Can I See Some of Your Sunroom Installations?

Yes – We have many satisfied customers who are willing to show you their rooms. Just give us a call to set up an appointment


How Much Experience Does Garrety Glass Have with Installing Betterliving Products?

Garrety Glass has installed hundreds of local Betterliving sunrooms. We are the most experienced contractor in sunroom installations in this area.

How Much Experience Do You Have with Installing Custom Showers?

We have installed thousands of showers locally! Let our experienced staff help you build the shower of your dreams.


What Types of Shower Enclosures Are Available?

Since we do beautiful custom work to your specifications the variety is virtually unlimited. There are two main types: frameless and framed. Frameless showers are known for their elegant beauty and lending an air of sophistication to any bathroom. Framed options offer a great variety of creative choices and are a less expensive choice compared to Frameless.


How Far Will Garrety Glass Travel to Install a Shower for Me?

Garrety Glass’s typical service area is within 50 miles of York, PA.


How Long Does It Take to Install?

Typical installation of the actual shower takes 1 day. The process from the time you purchase the shower to the date that is installed can be anywhere between 10 to 21 days depending on the complexity and options that you select for your new shower.


What Is the Average Cost?

It really depends on design choices and specific applications. Since there are a wide range of cost based on your choices, set up a time to meet with a Garrety Glass consultant at our showroom or in your home so you can get a no-obligation estimate.


Do You Install Tile, Fiberglass Bases And/Or Any Other Substrates Prior to Installing Your Shower Enclosure?

No. Typically a contractor or homeowner handles that portion of the project and we handle the glass enclosure. We can explain the process to you clearly and thoroughly during your free consultation.


What Glass Types Are Available?

There are a lot of great standard options, including Clear, Rain, Starphire, and Bamboo. But that is not nearly all your options. Visit the Garrety Glass showroom to see our samples for yourself and pick out the style that you like best!


What Hardware Options Are Available?

Selecting the right hardware options can beautifully accent the look of your shower. Some popular standard options include: oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, and chrome. Our consultants are experts in recommending the best options for your situation.

How Much Experience Does Garrety Glass Have in Dealing with Residential Glass Needs?

We have done millions of dollars worth of Residential Glass work.


What Kinds of Glass Products Do You Work With/Repair?

We sell a wide range of products, however here is a list of some of the more popular ones: Table top glass, picture frame glass, mirrors, cabinet door glass, storm windows, screens, and much more. Call us or visit our showroom!


Do You Repair Screens and Storm Windows?

Yes, we can do repairs. We can also build a new screen or storm window upon request.


What Is Garrety Glass’s Service Area?

Garrety Glass’s typical service area is within 50 miles of York, PA.


If a Piece of Glass Breaks in My Replacement Window, Can You Replace It?

Yes. Typically if you have a broken piece of glass in a replacement window sash, it can be removed and replaced.


Do You Carry Plexiglass?

Yes. We have them available in 4’ x 8’ sheets or to cut sizes.


Do You Repair Broken Insulated Units?

It is not cost effective to repair broken insulated units. We can however replace the broken insulted unit for you.


Can You Cut Down My Glass?

Yes, if the glass is not tempered. Tempered glass cannot be cut.


Do You Do Auto Glass?

No, we do not work with auto glass.


Can You Recycle My Glass or Mirror?

No. However, if we do the work at your home, we will dispose of any broken glass or construction debris for you.

What Experience Do You Have Doing Commercial Glass Work?

We have been in business for over 20 years with the bulk of our business concentrating on commercial work. In fact, we have done several million dollars worth of commercial work locally.


What Types of Products Are Considered “Commercial”?

Typically, products considered commercial would be:

  • Storefronts – These are insulated glass and aluminum framing systems you see in strip malls or the front of other retail businesses.
  • Curtainwall – You see this product in multi-story applications. It contains large pieces of glass and larger framing to account for deflection of the system.
  • Aluminum Entrances – This refers to the Aluminum Entrances in both Storefronts and Curtainwalls. They can be installed for both retail and commercial applications.
  • All Glass Walls / Doors – These are frameless glass walls & doors that you will see installed inside of buildings. Places you will see these types of walls would be in front of stores in Malls, as well as entrances to offices inside buildings.

Garrety Glass is a very experienced contractor in these areas.


How Long Have You Been in Business?

Garrety Glass has been successfully servicing our customers for over 20 years.


Who Does Garrety Glass Work with on Commercial Projects?

Garrety glass will work with general contractors, owners, property managers, and anyone else that may have an interest in a commercial glass product.


If I Wanted to Buy an Aluminum Door for My Store, Will It Meet ADA Requirements for Handicap Accessibility?

Yes. Garrety Glass sells Aluminum Entrances that have 10” bottom rails as a minimum. This 10” bottom rail ensures that someone with a wheelchair can bump into the door without the risk of impacting the glass within the door.

Have More Questions?

Reach out to us with any of your glass related question, we are always happy to help!

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