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A Spectacular Centerpiece for Your Bathroom …
The Shower of Your Dreams!

Whether you’re looking to enhance your own master bathroom or improve a guest bathroom for visitors, consider custom shower glass in Harrisburg and the surrounding areas.

Let’s be honest: the bathroom designs and architecture of yesteryear left a lot to be desired. But there’s an opportunity to create a comfortable, relaxing and attractive bathroom for you or your guests when you choose Garrety Glass for glass shower doors in Lancaster, York, Harrisburg and areas throughout South Central PA and Northern Maryland.

How do we help transform your bathrooms through glass shower doors in York? To get a great-looking shower, you need to have an expert designer that can discuss and design the shower of your dreams. A shower that will not only look the best, but also function the best when you have a voice of experience on your side.

At Garrety Glass, our expert designers make recommendations and help you navigate your many options while also staying true to your vision for custom shower glass. With unique glass colors, hardware colors and shower styles, Garrety Glass offers many unique choices that can meet all your needs and desires. These options help you create truly custom shower glass in York — a glass shower enclosure that looks and feels like what you’ve always imagined for your bathroom.

To add to these options, Garrety Glass has expert installers that will install your shower with precision craftsmanship and quality. Take advantage of the information below that can help you decide which type of shower is best for you!


Shower Enclosure Types

Framed Shower

Framed glass shower enclosures allow for great creative choices while costing about 10% to 15% less than frameless options. That’s right: You get the custom shower glass in York that you’ve always wanted, while saving money over alternatives and customizing to match your expectations. You make your glass showers unique while still matching the look and feel of the rest of the bathroom.

Many of our customers tell us they would have been overwhelmed with all the options without our guidance through the process. This is completely understandable, and it’s why we’re always your best resource for products, services and advice related to custom shower glass. Don’t go it alone when you have Garrety Glass as a trustworthy advisor before your project starts.

When you choose to work with Garrety Glass, we help you determine what’s right for your home given your many options. We can provide expert guidance related to all aspects of design and installation, including:

  • How to match your shower hardware to the rest of your bathroom
  • Door configuration based on the overall size of your bathroom
  • Type and color of glass

See pictures of framed glass shower enclosures here

Frameless Shower

Frameless showers are for those who love elegance. When you choose frameless custom shower glass in Harrisburg, you get a seamless enclosure that makes your bathroom feel larger and more hospitable. Frameless glass shower doors in York & beyond, have a superior beauty that gives a bathroom a sophisticated and distinctive look.

Garrety Glass excels at crafting a seamless solution to your exact specifications. Frameless shower enclosures in York only work when installed precisely, and we have the experience and knowledge needed to deliver on this precise installation.

What are you looking for in a custom shower glass? We can approach your project in one of two ways. We can fashion a frameless enclosure to meet the style of your existing bathroom, or start from scratch and build you a rock-solid, 100% custom-built enclosure. What you’ve always imagined for your bathroom and glass shower doors in Lancaster and nearby areas, we can help make a reality.


Options to Discuss With Our Experienced Designer

Are you ready to customize your shower glass? We’re ready to help by answering questions, walking you through your options and providing expert guidance you won’t find anywhere else. Glass finishes, etching work, hardware color and glass thickness can all be used to personalize your shower. We’ll help you think through other choices.

For example, the type of door can be dictated by the overall space of your bathroom. In smaller bathrooms, sliding doors or an open-front might be the best choice. When space isn’t a concern, or when a larger frameless shower is being built, swing doors can be a great option. Your vision comes to life, while we help you identify any constraints and overcome any design challenges.

See pictures of Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures here

Glass Types

We offer over 10 different glass types. Selecting just the right glass type is one of the best ways to make your shower unique and personal. Some of the most popular glass types we use are rain, bamboo, master care, clear and bubbles. We offer a range of glass types because each of our customers is unique and we want you to enjoy these customization options.

Don’t be overwhelmed by choosing the right glass for your needs — we’re always here to help. Contact our design consultant to discuss which option is best for you!

Finish Options

We also offer many different finish options for your consideration. Some of our most popular finishes are Brushed Nickel, Chrome, Oil-rubbed Bronze and Gold. Pairing the perfect glass with the right finish is hard enough, especially when you have to take into account the existing look and feel of your bathroom. Again, we’re always here to help you make sense of your many customization options. Contact our Design consultant to determine which finish best meets your needs!

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Garrety Glass is the best glass company in the South Central PA and Northern MD area. We have the experience and knowledge, the skilled team and the right products to help you achieve outstanding results at your home, whether for your master bathroom or guest bathrooms. We can help you dream up the perfect design, educate you on all your options and then build it to meet the most exacting of standards.

“Your company did an outstanding job on our shower enclosure. It is absolutely gorgeous and exactly what we wanted with the door swinging from the right side. We really appreciated the time you all took to measure twice and the attention to detail implemented by the installers. I have already recommended your company.”

- Diane, Baltimore