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Why Garrety Glass?

Aerial view of a new deck built by Garrety Glass

It’s true that a lot of companies TALK about customer service and making it the #1 priority. At Garrety Glass, we decided that talk alone would not be enough.

First, you can’t have great service without great people. We insist that all our installers be given the resources to get the job done RIGHT and EFFICIENTLY. If they run into something they need to finish the job, they are empowered to go get it – no need for complicated requisitioning or checking with a supervisor for common sense stuff. Our team is made up of people that think for themselves and strive to meet our customers’ expectations.

We also listen to our customers and take into consideration their compliments & recommendations. What is working and what isn’t. Garrety Glass is committed to continuous improvement of our services so that we can consistently exceed our customers’ expectations.

What This Means To You: If you want a company that focuses more on DELIVERING GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE rather than just talking about it, Garrety Glass is the outstanding choice.

A new sunroom built by the team at Garrety Glass

Doing quality glass work is all about experience. It is a skill and an art that is acquired from doing a huge number of jobs, each with its own set of challenges. Our installers are a special group – we see very little of the turnover that is all too common in the industry. For example, we have 3 members of our team with more than 30 years experience in the glass and glazing industry.

What This Means To You: If you have ANY type of glass work – from an ordinary repair all the way up to a full-blown sunroom addition – you can be confident that when you call Garrety Glass you are getting the highest-quality glass company with tons of experience.

A large spacious glass shower by the Garrety Glass team

You should not have to choose between inferior products on the one hand or outrageous prices on the other. We are up front about who we are and what we do. We are a business and need to pay our people and make a profit. But we don’t think that is an excuse for squeezing every dime out of our customers.

We keep it simple and clean. We know what suppliers give us the best overall value in terms of quality, price, and lead times. We pass this value on to our customers, along with our industry best installation and service. We do it all without high-pressure sales games or pricing gimmicks.

What This Means To You: We use the simple formula: Quality Products + Fair Price + Best Installation & Service = Everyone Wins.

That’s the Garrety Glass Advantage!

If Garrety Glass sounds like the kind of company you would like to do business with, contact us today!

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