Casement and Awning Windows


We often take our windows for granted. But many homeowners don’t fully understand what a transformational effect new windows can make on their home, both inside and out. From the inside, new windows let in more natural light and help your home run more energy efficiently. From the outside, new windows can enhance a home’s curb appeal and its overall attractiveness.

But not all windows are created equal. You enjoy so many options when looking for new windows — including casement window replacement. At Garrety Glass, we are passionate about educating our customers, giving them the information needed to make the best decisions and then helping them with window installation. Here’s some helpful information on casement and awning window installation to help you make the best decision for your home.

What Is a Casement Window?

Most homes have sash or hung windows. Single sash windows raise upward, covering the top sash. Double sash windows open from both directions, and they can also be tilted. But casement windows don’t raise and lower. Rather, they have hinges that allow the window to open like a door.

Casement windows also have two close cousins. Casement windows open from hinges installed along one side, while awning windows open from hinges placed at the top, and hopper windows open from hinges placed at the bottom.

When Is a Casement Window Appropriate?

Casement windows are always appropriate. They can make any home look more beautiful. That said, there are some cases in which casement windows are most appropriate. They are often used in rooms that serve as transitional spaces — a living space adjacent to a deck or patio, for example. In these situations, casement windows can help provide an indoor-outdoor feel. Casement windows are also right at home in areas that need more ventilation, such as kitchens and bathrooms. And casement windows are also great for second floors where ease of cleaning is greatly appreciated.

What Are the Benefits of Casement Windows?

There’s so much to love about casement windows. They do fully open, which is something you don’t get from sash windows. They provide incredible ventilation, and they are also incredibly easy to clean. You pay a little bit more for casement and awning windows than you would for sash windows, but that extra investment is often worth it for homeowners who fall in love with the look and many benefits of casement windows.

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