Double Hung Windows



Replacement windows aren’t a purchase you want to make haphazardly. First, new windows can transform the way your home looks both inside and outside. New windows can also increase your home’s value. And new windows need to offer the type of function you want and need in your home.

That’s why it’s so important to understand your options and to make the best decision for you and your home. You’ll find so many different options when shopping for new windows, including double hung vs. single hung windows. Which is right for you?

At Garrety Glass, we specialize in connecting York County homeowners with the right types of windows to meet their needs. Learn more about double hung windows and their benefits below, and get in touch with us anytime to talk about your home and the type of window replacements it needs.

What Is a Double Hung Window?

When you think about standard windows, you most likely think about single sash windows — which open on only one end. That is, the bottom sash raises, but the top one does not. Double hung windows offer much greater flexibility in how you open and close them. First, you can open either sash. You can raise and lower either the top or bottom sash. You can also vent either sash. Double hung windows are far more versatile and flexible than other window options.

When Are Double Hung Windows Appropriate?

Double hung windows are appropriate all the time. They deliver the same style and look as single sash windows, but you enjoy far more flexibility. Double sash windows will cost just a little bit more than single sash options, but that’s an investment that is often worth it for homeowners.

For example, double sash windows are far easier to clean than single sash windows, especially from the outside. This makes them a perfect fit for second floors where accessing a window’s exterior isn’t always easy. Double hung windows are also appropriate in areas that need greater ventilation, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Double Hung Window Benefits

The two greatest double hung window benefits are ventilation and cleaning. When you can open both top and bottom sash, tilting either as needed, you’re able to better ventilate your home and modulate the ventilation to meet your needs. And then cleaning is exponentially easier when you have double hung vs. single hung windows. You can open and close each sash as needed, tilting both to give you better access for cleaning. Why is this so important? Clean windows make your home look great from the outside, and clean windows also deliver natural light that makes your home’s interior feel warm and alive.

Serving York County and Central PA

At Garrety Glass, we’re proud of our nearly two decades of service in the York area. When we first opened for business in 1997, our company consisted of three guys and a truck. We’ve grown a great deal since those early days, but we still have the same focus: meeting our high standards for service excellence and delivering the results our clients want and expect.

Are you considering double hung window replacement options? We can provide expert guidance as you consider double hung vs. single windows, and we can provide the products you want and the installation service you need once you make a decision on what’s best for you and your home.

Given how important windows are to your home, making a decision about double hung window installation isn’t a decision to be made lightly. Make sure you fully understand your options and make sure you have a provider that’s going to take pride in the work and treat your home as if it were their own. In York County and throughout Central PA, Garrety Glass is that trusted provider.

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