Energy Efficient Windows & Their benefits

When you’re in the market for new windows, you’ll soon find there’s a decision to be made between double pane windows vs. single pane windows. Double pane will cost just a little bit more. But is the price difference worth it? Here at Garrety Glass, we would say unequivocally that the many benefits of double pane windows do make the additional investment well worth it.

Here’s a look at five significant benefits of choosing double pane windows vs. single pane windows:

  1. Efficiency
  2. The number-one reason to choose double pane windows over single pane is energy efficiency. As mentioned, many homeowners may not realize just how much conditioned air can escape through traditional single pane windows. By adding double pane windows to your home, you greatly improve efficiency and reduce your heating and cooling costs in a meaningful way.

    How much lower? Expect to see your heating and cooling costs drop by nearly 25 percent in many cases with some outlying examples of heating and cooling costs slashing almost in half. That’s incredible, isn’t it? But that’s what you enjoy when you choose double pane window glass instead of single pane.

    And perhaps the best part of double pane windows’ efficiency is that it’s a year-round benefit. You enjoy savings in the summer when you cool your home and then you also enjoy savings in the winter as you heat your home.

  3. Resale Value
  4. This is another major benefit of choosing double pane windows: They provide a strong return on investment, since they help boost your home’s resale value. Why? Because homebuyers are intrigued by the same benefits that inspired you to install double pane windows in the first place: the energy efficiency and well as the other factors shared on this list.

    Make sure your double pane windows are attractive and that they mesh well with your home’s existing architecture and colors. New double pane windows should make your home look great, too, which will also ensure you’re able to get maximum value upon resale.

  5. Noise Reduction
  6. If you live on a busy street, near a train or close to a neighbor whose muscle call features an aftermarket exhaust system, reducing the noise in your home is a huge benefit. And double pane window glass is a great way to reduce noise — between 20 and 50 percent in most cases.

    Many families with young children appreciate this benefit of choosing double pane windows. When parents finally get their young kids to sleep, the last thing they want is something loud outside waking them up. Even the sound that thunder makes on stormy nights can be mitigated by double pane windows.

    You’re getting the efficiency, you’re getting the resale value, and you’re also getting noise reduction that helps your home become the quiet and comfortable refuge every home should be.

  7. Protection From the Elements
  8. Through hot summers and harshly cold winters, double pane window glass can help protect your home from extreme elements. In winter, condensation can be a problem on single pane windows. The warm air inside and the cool air outside causes moisture to appear on the glass, which can create puddles just beneath the glass. No one wants this at their home — but double pane windows help prevent it.

    Also, in cases of severe thunderstorms and even hurricane-force winds, double pane windows help provide an extra layer of protection for your home. While we don’t often deal with hurricanes here in Pennsylvania, it’s nice to know that double pane glass can help prevent breaks and shatters related to flying debris.

  9. Home Security
  10. Nothing is more important than the safety and security of your loved ones. And double pane glass proves much harder to break into than single pane glass whether you’re at home or not.

    Also, double pane glass is much easier to deal with in case of an impact. A football thrown astray, for example. In these cases, the double pane’s outer glass may break but the interior glass will most likely stay intact. This means there are no glass shards inside your home and the shatter is much easier to clean up. And, while you will certainly need to repair the outer pane, there’s less of a rush considering the interior pane is still protecting your home.

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