Single Hung Windows

Single Hung Windows


Windows hold a transformational power over your home. New windows can breathe new life into your home’s exterior appearance, deliver more natural light, allow your home to run more energy efficiently and much more. But you can’t just run out and buy new windows. There are so many options to consider — like single hung windows.

At Garrety Glass, we specialize in window replacements for homeowners in the York area. Here’s a look at single hung windows, what they are, when they’re appropriate, their benefits and much more. When you want new windows for your home, or if you have questions about shopping for new windows, we’re here to help.

What Is a Single Sash Window?

Single sash, or single hung, windows are simple windows that open from only one direction — typically the bottom. The top portion of the window is stationary, and the bottom portion can be raised or vented. When the bottom sash is open, it covers or obstructs the top sash. Single sash windows are the most commonly used windows. What you most likely think of as a standard window is a single sash window.

When Is a Single Sash Window Appropriate?

Single sash windows are a popular and widespread option. When would single sash window replacement options be appropriate? Single sash windows are most appropriate when you’re replacing your windows on a budget. Single sash windows are slightly more affordable than double hung windows other options which is appealing to many consumers. That’s the driving power behind single sash windows.

Single Hung Window Benefits

The price is going to be the main benefit of a single hung window. When you choose single hung window replacement, you get perfectly acceptable function. That is, you can open your windows and enjoy increased airflow. A single sash window’s ability to open isn’t quite as versatile as a double sash window, but that’s a tradeoff many homeowners are willing to make in exchange for the discounted price.

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Why Choose Garrety Glass?

At Garrety Glass, we’ve been serving home and business owners in York and throughout York County since 1997. Back when we first started, our business was just three guys and a truck. We’ve grown a great deal since then, but we continue to serve our customers with a focus on going above and beyond and delivering outstanding results.

This is important when you need window replacements for your home. Windows can greatly enhance the way your home looks, and they can also increase your home’s resale value. When you’re considering window replacement, make sure you find a provider that can deliver expert guidance as you choose between single sash windows and other options, as well as a provider that gets the job done right.

Our experience and knowledge in window replacement allows us to provide the guidance you need and to deliver the results you’re looking for. When you’re thinking about replacement windows and you’re having a hard time sorting through your options, count on the team you’ll find at Garrety Glass.

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