Window Screen Repair in York, PA

A window screen offers a number of benefits, each of which is compromised when a screen is broken and in need of repair. A window screen allows you to open up your home and enjoy a beautiful day without fear of mosquitos or other insects finding their way inside. And window screens also help lower the temperature inside your home, which means you run your air conditioning less and save on cooling bills.

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Unfortunately, repair and window screen replacement in Pennsylvania can be a bigger ordeal for do-it-yourself homeowners than would be desirable. Many don’t know where to start with window screen repair, and finding the perfect-sized window screen replacement is sometimes a challenge — not to mention the actual installation process.

At Garrety Glass, we serve as your source for window screen repair in York, PA as well as surrounding communities like Harrisburg. Don’t let window or patio door screen replacement and repair become a hassle. Count on our team and our 25 years of experience to quickly, effectively and affordably deliver the repair or replacement services you need.

Window And Patio Door Screen Replacement

When you think of screens, you most likely picture a screen on a window. And that’s exactly where we spend the bulk of our time in serving clients — providing repair and window screen replacement in Pennsylvania communities like York and Harrisburg. But we provide a full range of related services, including screen door repair in Harrisburg, York and nearby areas, as well as patio door screen repair.

Many homes have screens on their windows and sliding doors that lead to patios and backyards. Many times, we help clients who have a specific issue with a screen on a window or a patio door.

For example, sometimes dogs and other pets can’t see a closed screen door, and they run right through it, mistakenly thinking it’s open.

In these cases, we can make the needed repairs to get your screen door operating again.

But many other times, our clients simply have windows and screen doors that have aged and need wholesale replacement. When you choose Garrety Glass for replacement and sliding screen door repair in York, PA and Harrisburg, or for window screen replacement and repair in nearby communities, we respond with the quality and customer service you expect.

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Why Choose Garrety Glass?

Your home is a valuable asset, and we want to help your home reach its full potential. Whether you need new or repaired window screens or screen doors or other products and services like sunrooms, windows, shower glass, awnings and more, Garrety Glass responds with industry-leading service and the best products on the market. In fact, we offer a wide range of products for a wide range of needs and budgets — all to ensure you enjoy the perfect solution for your home and its unique circumstances.

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