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Solar Shades for Windows in
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Your home can quickly turn into a steaming hot greenhouse if you’re not careful about blocking the sun’s rays on cloudless days. This is an important key to keeping your home comfortable and reducing your heating and cooling costs, even during the winter months. Solar shade installation is one of the fastest and most affordable ways to make your home more energy-efficient, and Garrety Glass is your source for solar shades as well as solar shades throughout South Central PA and Northern Maryland.


The Benefits of Betterliving External Shades

When the sun is shining, its light pours through your windows and heats up your home. But those same windows trap the heat inside, which can make things pretty uncomfortable in the hot summer months. This is called the greenhouse effect, and it can happen anywhere that has unprotected windows.

Solar shade installation means you have protection from the sun’s rays. This means a cooler, more efficient home, and it also means protection from fading for your furniture and hardwood flooring.

The best part about solar shades for windows is that they will eventually pay for themselves.

You make a relatively small investment up-front to get the Betterliving external shades you need, and then you see your cooling bill get lower and lower — delivering savings that will cover the cost of solar shade installation over time.

Not only can solar shade installation help you save money, but it can also create increased privacy for your home. You can see out through solar shades, but others cannot see inside. Choose the fabric and color scheme you like best, and enjoy the home-enhancing attractiveness of solar shades, too.

Your Betterliving External Shade Options

You can enjoy motorized operation when you choose Betterliving external shades. Raise or lower all of your solar shades at once using a common operator, or choose separate operators to give you greater flexibility in raising some while lowering others to best block the sun’s light. Choose from between two models:

  • Solar Shade Series I: These Betterliving external shades travel down a track when raising and lowering.
  • Solar Shade Series II: These Betterliving external shades also travel down a track, but they include a zipper that allows you to close off your porch or patio from mosquitos and other insects.

No matter what series you choose, you can select your choice of fabric from among acrylic, PVC-coated polyester and fiberglass screen. When choosing polyester or fiberglass screen, you can also choose the level of opacity, from five to 40 percent, depending on how much light you want to let inside your home.

Choose Garrety Glass for Solar Shades

At Garrety Glass, we deliver a range of home products in York, PA and the surrounding communities. We can deliver when you need a sunroom, shower enclosure, canopy or solar shade installation. With more than 20 years of experience, we know how to best meet your needs. Contact us today about getting Betterliving external shades for your home or business.

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“In regards to the solar shades, you folks installed on our house. The day after they were installed I noticed a drastic temperature change in our bedroom. This room faces the east and gets a lot of sun, and was always very warm even with blinds and insulated drapes. We have it zoned separately so it has its own thermostat. After the installation of the solar shade, I checked and it was 15 degrees cooler. It wasn't a fluke or misreading on the thermostat either, I checked it a couple times and the change was the same. This along with the professionalism of your people is the reason we ordered more shades and are this year having you enclose our back porch. Thanks for the great products and job done by your crews.”

- Linda, Liverpool