Types of Shower Doors

Types of Shower Doors in York

At Garrety Glass, one of our specialties is providing sliding glass shower doors in York, PA and surrounding communities. A shower with outstanding glass can bring a boring bathroom to life and provide a pop of style that impresses visitors and enhances a home’s resale value. But what type of sliding glass shower doors are right for you and your home?

Here’s a look at different types of shower glass, including both pivot and swinging shower doors available in York. And remember: Quality glass is only as good as its professional installation. Make sure you rely on Garrety Glass so that you get the best possible installation of sliding glass shower doors in York.


Different Types of Shower Glass and Doors

You enjoy options, and we know it. Here’s a look at three of the most popular types of shower glass and doors available for your home in York:

  • Pivot shower doors: If you have a standalone shower, you may want to consider a pivot shower door. These models are attached at one side of the stall, and they offer wide openings for showers that can’t accommodate a sliding shower door. One of the disadvantages of pivot shower doors is that they sometimes sprinkle water on the floor outside the shower, but they also offer convenience and an attractive appearance for most bathrooms. Pivot doors typically open in both directions, which gives the user more flexibility.
  • Swinging shower doors: Swinging shower doors are much like pivot shower doors, but they are hinged and can only swing in one direction. If a swinging door is best for your home, all you need to worry about is making sure you have the clearance to swing the door. If you do, you’ll be good to go for installation.
  • Sliding shower doors: Sliding shower doors are convenient in that they don’t need any clearance to open and close. However, you do need to have a larger stall to leave room for the door to slide open. If you have the space, a sliding shower door might be the perfect solution.

Why Choose Garrety Glass?

At Garrety Glass, we have a history of serving homeowners in York, PA that stretches back nearly 20 years. We bring to each job a work ethic like you won’t find anywhere else. We know what we’re doing because of our experience and knowledge, and we don’t rest until you see your vision for a shower or other glass installation become a reality.

We’ve also developed processes that enhance our productivity. We work quickly and effectively so that we minimize disruption to your home and lifestyle while leaving you with the results you want. Our team is passionate about its work and about helping Central Pennsylvania homeowners. When you need sliding glass doors, pivot doors or swinging shower doors in York, count on the team you’ll find at Garrety Glass.

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“You have very good people working for you with good experience. Good job on both doors you did for us.”

- Kathy, Dover