5 Popular Sunroom Styles

Sunrooms are versatile spaces that add a livable area to your home and provide a light-filled refuge for all sorts of activities. You can create many popular sunroom styles with your space. Here’s a look at five popular sunroom styles, as well as some information about a few of the most popular sunroom colors and other style and design options you can enjoy.

  • Entertaining: Among the most popular sunroom styles is sunroom as an entertainment center. When you have guests over or someone stops by for a chat, a sunroom can be the perfect space for entertaining. You want to strike a nice balance between casual and formal furniture in these cases, and the most popular sunroom colors for this type of entertainment space are lighter blues and grays — neutral colors that emphasize light without distracting.
  • Relaxing: One of the most well-loved sunroom styles is the relaxation space — an area for reading, napping or otherwise relaxing the day away. Choose furniture and paint colors that put you at ease. Consider arraying furniture to face outdoors rather than back toward the house, which can help limit distractions.
  • Casual living: A casual living area naturally has casual and comfortable furniture, and these areas often also tend to have warmer colors. If you’re searching for the most popular sunroom colors for a casual space, find lighter shades of warm colors. Above all, make sure that the furniture is comfortable and that it emphasizes relaxation — which is what a sunroom should allow.
  • Free and fun: A sunroom can also serve as your space for style and design experimentation. Perhaps you played it safe in your master bedroom and main living area. Well, a sunroom is a space where you can add those bright colors, place that intriguing furniture piece and generally do whatever you want without worrying what others will think. A sunroom adds freedom and fun to your home, so feel free to be free and fun as you decorate and design the space.
  • Extension: Your sunroom may actually serve as an extension of an existing living room or kitchen. In these cases, it’s important to make the sunroom look less like an add-on and more like a natural, seamless extension of the other space. Design and style aesthetics should continue from one area to another with only slight changes to distinguish the two different rooms.

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