22 Pet-Friendly Ideas to Add to Your Sunroom

Pets provide unconditional love, endless laughs and happy moments. The best way to show them your gratitude is to give them a cozy, enjoyable living environment. A sunroom meets these criteria and many more.

Sunrooms are an excellent space for humans and can be tranquil, fun and cozy for your entire family. Learn how to enhance your sunroom to meet your pet’s needs with these 22 sunroom decor ideas for pets. 

Pet-Friendly Sunroom Decor

When selecting pet-friendly decor for your sunroom, durable, safe and convenient items are essential for creating a comfortable space for your animal family and maintaining your investment. 

1. Long Windows 

Long or floor-to-ceiling windows are an excellent way to prevent glass panel scratches and wear. These windows offer abundant sunlight and give your cats and dogs an eye-level view of the outside, reducing their urge to jump at the glass. 

2. Aluminum Mesh Screens 

Aluminum mesh screens provide additional window protection, especially if your pets enjoy scratching. These mesh screens are durable and scratch-resistant and provide full coverage, preventing your pet from scratching at the window. You can place them in window areas you want to preserve and add double-sided tape to your screens to maintain them longer. 

3. Pet Door 

Pet Door

Pets can be high-maintenance, and while you love your animals, getting up to open a door for them every few minutes can be tiresome. Installing a pet door is one way to ensure your animal friends can freely enter and exit your sunroom. You can select between various convenient options to allow your pets to move indoors and outdoors. 

  • A security tunnel door fits into various door panels and can give your pets controllable access in and out of your sunroom while limiting entry to other animals. 
  • If you want a quick and effortless solution, install a pet door in an existing door.
  • Pet flaps on screen doors allow your furry friends easy access to the sunroom while keeping out bugs and other pests when closed. 

4. Stain-Resistant, Easy-to-Clean Flooring

Muddy paw prints, scratches, dents and hair on the floor are typical when you have a pet. Installing easy-to-clean, durable and stain-resistant flooring is the best way to accommodate your furry friend while maintaining your floors. Here are some pet-friendly sunroom flooring options.

  • Tile: Ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles resist stains, are waterproof and withstand nails and claws. 
  • Luxury vinyl plank: Synthetic flooring can resemble hardwood floors but is a more affordable solution.
  • Rugs: You can protect your surfaces with inexpensive, comfortable and easily replaceable rugs. 
  • Bamboo: Bamboo can be sturdier than hardwood flooring and resist scratches and dents. 

5. Elevated Scratch Posts

Scratch posts are an excellent way to keep your cat from clawing at your furniture. Install scratch posts in a high position to cater to your cats’ scratching and climbing needs and deter them from using your furniture as toys. These wooden posts can blend in with your décor and keep your feline friend happy. 

6. Nature Wall Decor

Shells, wall plants, wooden animal crafts and textured grass or moss on your walls can provide a rustic and natural feel and give your pets a sense of the outdoors while inside. Wall art is out of the way, preventing your pets from biting or scratching at them. It also provides a calm and earthy aesthetic, which can be relaxing for you and your whole family. 

7. Durable Ornaments

Opt for sturdy structures when decorating your pet-friendly sunroom. Varnished natural wood and metal decor like vases and sculptures can be ideal for spaces with pets. Varnished wood is durable enough to withstand wagging tails and jumping — the varnish often deters dogs and cats from biting the wood. Metal sculptures are scratch-resistant and may not fall over easily. Avoid sharp or fragile items to protect your animals and save you from spending time cleaning up broken bits and pieces. 

Pet-Friendly Sunroom Furniture

Accommodate your non-human family members with furniture to meet their needs and your design vision. Here are some sunroom furniture ideas for your pets.

8. Pet-Friendly Fabrics

If your pets enjoy cozying up on your couches, chairs and other furniture, you’ll want to get suitable fabrics to withstand scratches, dents, hair, bites and stains. 

  • Easily cleanable fabrics: Tightly woven fabrics like microfiber, leather, denim, canvas, pleather and tweed trap less pet hair than other materials. You can quickly sweep off any fur your pet sheds. 
  • Stain-resistant fabrics: Performance fabrics like polyester, acyclic and olefin can be stain-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Durable materials: Genuine leather can withstand scratches, snags and claws and can be an excellent option for your furry friends. 

9. Metal-Legged Appliances

If your pets are prone to chewing or you have a puppy, you must safeguard your furniture from bites and teething marks. Getting furniture and appliances with metal legs is an excellent solution for your chewing animal. These structures elevate your furniture and prevent your pet from biting. Additionally, thick and sturdy metal legs can withstand snags and chews better than wood. 

10. Pet Bed

Pet Bed

An orthopedic or memory bed gives your pets a designated relaxation spot. These beds’ plush materials make them a warm and cozy place to curl up for a nap. Place your pet beds near the windows during the day so they can laze in the sun and gaze outdoors. Putting their bed next to you on the couch keeps them close while preventing them from shedding directly onto your furniture.

11. Hammocks and Wall-Mounted Baskets

A hammock can make an ideal bed and relaxing pod for cats. Feline family members love climbing and observing the world from heights, and a hammock can satisfy those needs. You can tie your hammock to a frame near your window to give your kitty an excellent view of the outdoors. Putting an object or table below your hammock can help your cat conveniently access and climb down from their relaxation pad. 

A wall-mounted basket can provide a unique and cozy space for a cat to sleep and relax. Attach these baskets midway up the wall to help your cats jump up easily. You can fill these baskets with comfortable cushions to make your feline feel at home. Decorate your cat pad to match your aesthetic and entertain your fluffy friend. 

12. Sofa Slipcovers

Designate an old couch for your pets, deterring them from sleeping and sitting on other furniture. Sofa slipcovers are ideal for pet couches — when they get dirty, take them off and put them through the wash. If these covers become worn, you can replace them with inexpensive fabrics to minimize the costs and maintain your sunroom’s appearance

13. Enclosures

Pets like birds, rabbits and reptiles also deserve a secure and cozy spot in your sunroom. Install an enclosure suitable for your animal friends and place it next to the window so they can enjoy sunlight and fresh air. Here are some more furniture ideas for pets in your sunroom.

  • Birds: Hang your birdcage near the window to give your winged friend a view of the outdoors. You can decorate your bird enclosure with enrichment toys to brighten the space and satisfy your pet’s natural urge to chew. 
  • Rabbits: Whether you opt for a cage, trellis, pot, tent or bench, there are many ways to match your bunny’s enclosure with your sunroom decor. Place a wooden rabbit house near natural wood furniture and greenery to make your bunny feel relaxed and comfortable. You can also create a large glass enclosure with wooden frames to give your rabbit ample space and a view of the outdoors.
  • Reptiles: Divide your space into a reptile enclosure for your turtle, bearded dragon, lizard and snake friends. Place your glass cages near your sunroom windows and decorate them with rock and stick features and plants to provide an ideal living space while adding nature-inspired and earthy tones to your decor. 

14. Pet Throw

Stylish and fur-resistant pet throws are another idea to add to your sunroom. Materials like microfiber are excellent for resisting hair and fur. These cozy blankets also come in attractive designs to align with your aesthetic philosophy. Choose colors that match your layout and use them to protect your couches, giving your pets a place to sit without harming the fabric. 

Pet-Friendly Sunroom Entertainment Ideas

Here are some ways to design an entertaining and stimulating sunroom for your pets. 

15. Patch of Artificial Grass

Simulate the outdoors with a grass mat or feature. These grass strips are ideal for an indoor pet area because they are durable and easy to clean. Artificial lawn materials are often environmentally friendly, making them safe for pets and other family members. Use synthetic grass types to create an enjoyable pet play area. Grass patches can also provide a protective layer for your flooring and add a bold, earthy aesthetic to your sunroom.

16. Playpen

Create a personalized play area for your animals and fill it with their favorite toys. You can designate a corner in your sunroom and organize your pet’s play items on shelves, benches and baskets. Placing your pet’s toys in a designated spot can prevent them from making a mess in your sunroom and help them conveniently find toys to play with. 

17. Pet Station

Provide your pet with a designated area that seamlessly blends into your design and aesthetics while keeping them close to you. Add blankets, decor and some of your pets’ favorite toys to their station, making it feel homier. 

18. Food Bowls

Install elevated food bowls on designated shelving or drawers. Mounted bowls can blend into your decor and easily tuck away when they are not in use. Additionally, providing your pets a safe space to eat will make their mealtimes more enjoyable.

19. Cat Trees

Cat Trees

Allow your cats to enjoy climbing safely in the comfort of your sunroom without harming your furniture and decor. Add artificial cat trees to your space to accommodate your feline’s climbing needs. These trees can be sturdy and double as a sunroom aesthetic, making them pleasing for you and your fluffy family. 

20. Pet Toys

Stimulate your pet with enrichment toys like tugs, feeders and balls to prevent them from chewing your furniture. Hanging squirrel and bird feeders outside your glass panels can provide sensory stimulation and entertainment for pets, keeping them preoccupied longer. 

21. Greenery 

Adding landscaping to your sunroom livens your space and gives your pets a feeling of nature indoors. Place potted plants and flowers on elevated shelves or where your pets can’t reach them. Space dog-safe plants like bamboo and sage around your sunroom to provide your pets with an enjoyable sensory aesthetic. Some cat-appropriate plants include:

  • Achira
  • Ball fern
  • Calla lily
  • Edible banana
  • Fishtail fern 
  • Hibiscus 
  • Marigold
  • Jasmine
  • Lace orchid
  • Lemon balm 
  • Leopard lily
  • Paradise palm
  • Spider flower 
  • Tall feather fern 
  • Wax plant

22. Water Features and Fountains

Water features and fountains can be tranquil and visually pleasing for you and your pet family. Build a pet-friendly water fountain with rocks and greenery, providing a convenient and fun refreshment area. These features can be great for entertaining your pets and creating a calming and relaxing environment. 

Install Your Pet-Friendly Sunroom With Garrety Glass

Install Your Pet-Friendly Sunroom With Garrety Glass

Your pets are your family, and creating a comfortable living space for them is essential. At Garrety Glass, we understand the importance of providing pets with a safe, fun, enjoyable living environment. We offer sunroom installations and designs that are easily customizable to your pet’s needs. We pride ourselves in high-quality and reliable services and provide suitable design solutions to enhance your and your animal family’s living environment. 

Contact us online for a free estimate and learn more about how we can make your sunroom pet-friendly.