Sunroom Maintenance: How to Keep Your Sunroom in Great Shape

A sunroom addition is a great place to relax while enjoying the outdoors. Your sunroom requires periodic cleaning and maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape. These needs include keeping your sunroom windows grime- and stain-free and making sure that the interior is clean as well. When it comes to cleaning a sunroom, there are many areas to take care of, including the windows, frame, interior and more. It is essential to clean all areas to ensure your sunroom is in great shape. 

We recommend cleaning your sunroom thoroughly during the spring because cloudy days are the best time to clean windows. Keep reading for more sunroom cleaning and maintenance tips. 


Knowing how to clean sunroom windows is essential to the space’s upkeep, giving you a nice view of the outdoors rather than being unable to see through the cloudiness.

When cleaning the outside of your windows, it is vital to use an A-ladder instead of a model that leans against your sunroom. This equipment will protect your sunroom from any damages due to weight. Follow this process for a streak-free clean:

  1. Remove as much dirt as possible by spraying your hose on a low setting.
  2. Use glass cleaner or dilute a mild dishwashing detergent to wash one section at a time.
  3. Wipe the section dry with a soft cloth.

Inside windows require different steps to clean them correctly:

  1. Wash the inside glass windows with a glass cleaner or mild dishwashing detergent diluted in warm water with a soft sponge. 
  2. Remember to wash one section at a time.
  3. Use a squeegee and wipe each section dry with a soft cloth to prevent condensation.
  4. If you decide not to use a squeegee, rinse after washing and pat dry with a soft cloth. 

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows require slightly different care. Here are a few vinyl window cleaning tips to keep them in great shape:

  • Wash with a mild dishwashing detergent, and do not use a squeegee.
  • Rinse often to remove dirt that may scratch the window.
  • Do not use cleaners containing ammonia, bleach, or chlorine.
  • Follow the exact instructions for outside windows.


Just like sunroom windows, there are separate instructions to clean the inside and outside frames.

To clean the inside frame, wash it with a mild dishwashing mixture and a soft sponge or cloth. Then rinse and dry with a soft cloth.

Follow these steps to clean the outdoor frame:

  1. Start cleaning with a soft extension brush to remove as much dirt as possible.
  2. Use a hose to spray down the frame, but avoid using the highest setting.
  3. Use a soft cloth with mild dishwashing detergent diluted in warm water to remove light debris.
  4. For high spots, use an extension brush with your garden hose.
  5. Rinse well.
  6. For stubborn stains, use a non-abrasive cleaner.
Sunroom Maintenance: How to Keep Your Sunroom in Great Shape

Never use steel wool or scrubbing sponges that will scratch the frame. Solvent-based or abrasive cleaners can also damage your sunroom.


Cleaning your sunroom’s interior includes the floors and general area. Some sunrooms may have special cleaning requirements, depending on their material. You should check your manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure that you are cleaning your sunroom properly. 

Vacuum your floors to remove dust, pollen, or anything else that could be on the floor. We also recommend cleaning any upholstery or furniture that you keep in your sunroom. If your cushions have removable covers, you can wash and thoroughly dry them. 

4 Sunroom Maintenance Tips

Spring cleaning is an excellent time to carefully inspect your sunroom for damage. After all, regular maintenance will keep it looking nice for many years to come. Here are a few common signs of wear and tear to look for and how to repair them. 

1. Leaky Window Seals

Your sunroom window seals keep moisture out and prevent mildew and mold growth. Over time, these seals begin to disintegrate due to old age and exposure to the sun. If you see mold or mildew around your window seals or notice that your glass panes look foggy, your seal may be failing. 

If you detect the disintegration early on, you can repair it easily. All you need to do is add some silicone caulking around the area of concern, which will protect it from more damage. If there is condensation between panes or mold and mildew has already formed, you should contact a professional to replace the window.

2. Holes in Your Sunroom Screens

Screens often end up with holes, rips and tears caused by old age, accidents and lack of proper maintenance. This type of damage affects your sunroom’s appearance and creates a way for bugs and rodents to enter.

The type of repair needed depends on the tear’s location and size. If it’s a small hole, you should be able to patch it with a melding kit found at most hardware stores. If the holes are large or there is a tear on the side of the screen near the frame, you will need to replace the screen entirely.

3. Damaged Frames

Your sunrooms framed windows and screens form its walls. As they experience aging or misuse, the frames can bend and crack, leaving openings for air, moisture and pests to come through.

Repairing the bends and cracks depends on the frame materials, which are usually wood, vinyl or aluminum. Wood frames require regular staining and treatment to prevent them from splintering and breaking. If the wood cracks, you will need to get that part of the frame replaced. A vinyl or aluminum frame does not need regular maintenance, but you will need to contact a professional to replace it entirely if you see a bend or crack. 

4. Old or Damaged Flooring 

The type of flooring in your sunroom depends on the construction of the addition and can vary widely. Patio floors are usually made of concrete, which may crack and change color over time. If your floor is a wooden deck, it may splinter, fade and loosen over time. If you have covered the floor with carpet or a laminate tile overlay, it can tear, change color and wear. 

If your floor is a concrete slab, you might need to patch, repair or seal it. A wooden deck may require sanding or staining to keep it from further deterioration. If you have a carpet or tile floor, you can have a professional tear it up and replace it altogether. Another option is replacing wall-to-wall carpet with an area rug. 

Professional Sunroom Installation and Maintenance

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Sunroom Maintenance: How to Keep Your Sunroom in Great Shape