Glass and Window Trends in Luxury Real Estate Development

Spa-like bathrooms, outdoor kitchens, walk-in closets and marble floors are just some lavish features commonly seen in luxury homes. But the elegance of these home designs spans far beyond these high-end details. Luxury homes often incorporate sophisticated window designs to enhance the architecture and interiors. 

Window selection is about more than letting light in and supporting ventilation — the right windows can elevate luxury home interiors.

If you’re an architect, developer or buyer in the luxury real estate market, you’ll want to know the latest glass and window trends. So, we’ve rounded up some luxury real estate trends that are turning heads.

7 Glass Trends for Real Estate Developers

Some emerging trends in interior glass features, such as doors and windows, include:

1. Frameless and Thin-Frame Windows

Traditional luxury interiors would boast intricate wrought iron window frames. These large statement frames can support lavish interiors from the past, but these days, thick window frames are no longer synonymous with luxury. In modern luxury home design, there’s less intricacy in details and far more simplicity. A thick, bulky frame can steal from the view by grabbing attention and disrupting the flow of minimalistic architectural design.

On the other hand, thin window frames can create a sense of elegance. With less frame, the shape and size of the glass window can fit seamlessly into the walls. You can choose between aluminum and fiberglass framing. These materials are robust enough to support heavy glass panes while keeping a slender and inconspicuous look. 

Frameless windows can amplify the effect. Without frames, windows seem larger and lighter, which upholds the elegance of modern simplicity. Frameless windows are crafted from frameless structural glass. These windows incorporate a type of channel instead of a frame. The channel is hidden in the architecture. When one glass panel must meet another for expansive frameless windows, the glass is fixed with a high-quality silicone product that offers a transparent finish. 

2. Large Double-Pane Windows

Large glass windows are an increasingly popular feature among modern luxury homes. With a more expansive view, interiors transition effortlessly with surrounding natural landscaping, and maximum sunlight can bathe and brighten the living space. Large floor-to-ceiling windows are an elegant design feature that makes rooms feel lighter and more spacious. 

While large windows have long been the preferred choice for bespoke homes, new trends suggest expansive energy-efficient, double-pane windows are now a top choice.

Large Double-Pane Windows

As the name suggests, these eco-friendly windows use two glass panes rather than one. A gas like argon fills the gap between the panes, resulting in maximum insulation. This unique design offers several valuable benefits, from heightened energy efficiency and noise reduction to enhanced security and increased property value. 

3. Geometric Windows

Other elegant window trends in luxury real estate incorporate specialty geometric designs. These windows come in nontraditional shapes and sizes. Although they don’t open and close to support ventilation, the real value is in the unique aesthetic they can provide. 

Geometric glass windows can accentuate architectural features. Triangle or trapezoid shapes can follow the roofline to extend views vertically and echo the silhouette of a home’s design. 

A series of custom specialty shapes can create a focal point that allows natural light to brighten the space. Between arched and trapezoid shapes, a centerpiece window design can elevate luxury in a home. Nontraditional shapes can also break the pattern of standard square and rectangle windows or fill a space on irregularly shaped walls. 

4. Window Walls

Integrated living spaces are a new architectural trend that merges a home’s interiors with exterior landscaping. With integrated home designs, homeowners can relax inside while feeling connected to nature outside. 

Single-track window walls with frameless or thin-framed glass panes are often used to achieve this design goal. A window wall can separate living areas without blocking the view of the landscapes outside. Depending on the placement of the window wall, homeowners could enjoy views of natural surroundings while preparing a meal in the kitchen or relaxing in the living room. 

5. Expansive Kitchen Windows

The kitchen is widely considered the most important room in all types of residential homes. As a central hub where meals are made and loved ones come together, the kitchen is a functional feature that can either attract or deter buyers. However, cabinetry and countertops are not the only impactful elements to prioritize when it comes to kitchen design. 

Window size, shape and placement can transform an ordinary kitchen into a sophisticated space. Small square windows can make a kitchen feel cramped and void of fresh air, while large windows can amplify natural lighting to create an airy atmosphere. 

Window walls and expansive casement windows are trendy choices for modern luxury kitchens. When choosing casement windows, frameless and thin-framed designs will uphold luxury without obscuring the view. 

6. Spacious Glass Showers

Bathrooms in luxury homes often boast high-end details like marble flooring and porcelain wall tiles that make a sophisticated statement. While there’s a seemingly endless list of luxury walk-in shower design ideas to choose from, glass shower doors are a top choice. Glass doors offer a seamless look that flows well with other high-end materials. 

Whether the shower is constructed from classy marble or porcelain-adorned walls, glass-sliding or pivot shower doors are the preferred choice in modern homes. While frameless glass can work well, some bathroom interior styles can incorporate thin black or gold framing.

7. Skylights

Skylights are another trending architectural feature in modern luxury homes. The windows are installed on the roof to let light flow into a home from above. Skylights can improve energy efficiency, and an enhanced flow of natural light offers homeowners a plethora of wellness benefits. In terms of architectural design, skylights can enhance luxury interiors.

These ceiling window structures can elevate interior aesthetics by making spaces seem larger and more vibrant. They also flow well with expansive wall windows and frameless window designs. 

Partner With Garrety Glass for Elegant Glass and Window Installations

Partner With Garrety Glass for Elegant Glass and Window Installations

Expansive glass windows are increasingly popular in luxury real estate developments. So, you’ll want to incorporate large windows with minimal framing to keep up with the latest glass trends for real estate developers. Whether you opt for classy window walls that maximize outdoor views or add wall-to-wall casement windows in the kitchen, choosing quality glass products from a reliable source is key. 

At Garrety Glass, we offer a wide range of superior-quality glass and window products. Our product range boasts the highest quality at the best prices, from sunrooms and shower enclosures to a vast range of windows. We offer free estimates, precise pricing and a lifetime transferrable warranty on all of our windows. 

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