The Benefits of High-Quality Glass Installation in Real Estate Development

Architects and designers have used glass as a building material for thousands of years for a good reason — it’s highly versatile, absolutely beautiful and surprisingly durable.

Today, we see glass everywhere, from towering skyscrapers to modern home architecture. But while it’s popular in many different applications, some developers don’t know how best to use it to their advantage. Quality is superior to quantity when it comes to building, especially when using materials like glass.

Let’s explore the benefits of glass in real estate projects and how you can get the most out of your designs.

5 Benefits of Glass for Real Estate Developers

Here are the top five advantages of incorporating glass into your real estate development projects.

1. Energy Efficiency

A well-designed glass window or door system can boost a building’s energy efficiency, which helps occupants keep their heating and cooling costs low.

Low-emissivity (low-E) glass is one example of an energy-efficient window technology that uses a thin metallic coating to reduce the amount of heat passing through an opening. It’s usually applied to the inside in colder climates to keep heat trapped in the building — and in warmer climates, it’s applied outside to keep heat out.

Another is reflective glass, which keeps heat out by reflecting the sun’s rays away from the building’s interior. This type of glass is perfect for warmer climates where air conditioning costs tend to be high, as less heat entering the building reduces the need to blast the AC.

2. Durability

With the proper care, glass can last for decades without losing its unique beauty. In the case of many medieval churches and monasteries, it can even last centuries.

Some of the properties that contribute to its durability include:

  • Weather-resistant: Well-made glass can withstand almost any weather conditions, including rain, sun, wind and snow.
  • Corrosion-resistant: Under typical conditions, glass does not experience corrosion, rust or other chemical damage.
  • UV-stable: Glass can withstand high amounts of UV radiation without discoloring, cracking or disintegrating, making it ideal for sunny areas.
  • Temperature-resistant: Glass is suitable for many high-temperature applications, including cooktops and fireplaces, so you can count on it to withstand hot climates.

Of course, glass of any kind will break when exposed to extreme pressure. However, modern options like tempered glass are significantly stronger than their earlier counterparts, making them safer and more cost-effective in the long run.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

Incorporating glass elements into your building design is key for creating a visually striking project that will delight buyers, from enormous windows to beautiful doors. But glass structures aren’t just limited to windows and doors. You can get creative with glass installations, including:

  • Tempered glass floors
  • Glass ceilings
  • Walls and partitions
  • Shelving and cabinets
  • Balustrades

Some of the ways glass improves a building’s appearance include:

  • Brightness: Large glass windows and doors create a bright, cheerful interior for homes, restaurants and office buildings.
  • Colors: Glass can also come in many different colors and effects, unlocking a rainbow of design possibilities for all sorts of projects.
  • Openness: Installing interior glass fixtures, like partitions and transparent walls, can make spaces appear larger by letting natural light shine throughout the room.

Beautiful glass structures attract buyers and investors, which can also help you increase the value of your project upon completion.

4. Sustainability


One of the most commonly overlooked benefits of glass in real estate is its status as a sustainable material. In addition to its energy efficiency, glass is made from readily available materials. The basic recipe contains three natural ingredients:

  • Sand (silicon dioxide)
  • Soda (sodium carbonate)
  • Limestone (calcium carbonate)

All these raw materials are incredibly abundant in nature, so there’s little risk of manufacturers exceeding the available supply.

Unlike many other materials, glass is completely recyclable — manufacturers can repeatedly melt it down and create new glass pieces.

5. Lightweight

Compared to many other building materials, glass is incredibly lightweight and easy to work with. Builders often use it to fill wide expanses of dead space in commercial buildings, such as corporate offices and skyscrapers.

This property makes it a versatile building material for many different applications. You can mold and arrange glass in many different ways, making it perfect for openings of virtually any size and shape.

Key Considerations When Developing Real Estate With Glass

When designing a new project, you need to account for all the specific requirements of the materials you’re using. Glass is no different.

If you’re planning on working with glass, some essential things to consider in your design process include:

  • Glass type: The right kind of glass is essential for maximizing performance in privacy, sound control, safety, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Low-E or reflective glass are great energy-efficient options for windows, as they block heat from entering and exiting the building.
  • Building codes: State and municipal building regulations will impact where and how you can incorporate glass into your designs. For example, some codes require builders to install supports underneath skylights to ensure they can withstand heavy snow.
  • Structural requirements: Consider how the structural properties of the type of glass you plan to use will work in your design. Thicker glass is generally better for higher buildings in areas with harsh weather.
  • Maintenance: Although glass is a fairly low-maintenance material, it’s important to ensure you design your structure to allow easy access to any glass surfaces. This way, owners can keep doors and windows clean without hassle.

Finally, you want to make sure the company you get your glass from is one you can trust to do a good job. Look for a local company specializing in glass installations — this dedicated focus means the company has spent time perfecting their craft, so you can count on them to deliver the quality you need the first time.

And at Garrety Glass, that’s exactly what we do.

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