The Cost of Sunroom Additions for Real Estate Developers

A sunroom is a welcoming space that lets in abundant natural light. These multifunctional areas can expand a home’s square footage, serving as lounge areas, dining rooms, offices, yoga studios and much more. While the buyers’ market generally favors properties with extra features like sunrooms and patios, developers must consider the cost versus the potential return on investment when adding to a property’s blueprint. 

This guide evaluates the cost of sunrooms in real estate and the relevant labor expenses. With this, real estate developers can make an informed choice about building sunrooms on new homes.

The Costs of Different Sunroom Additions

Sunrooms maximize sunlight exposure, creating a bright, warm and inviting space that allows homeowners to enjoy outdoor beauty from the comfort of their home. These attractive features can set a property apart in the real estate market, offering a uniquely desirable space that appeals to buyers seeking indoor-outdoor connectivity.

Sunrooms provide opportunities for customization and personalization, allowing real estate developers to showcase their design expertise and create tailored spaces that meet modern homeowners’ preferences. This flexibility can set new houses apart in a competitive market.

The average sunroom costs between $11,000 and $45,000 to build. Pricing depends on factors like materials used, labor involved and the desired features. Here are some popular sunroom styles and their average costs. 

The Cost of Sunroom Additions for Real Estate Developers

Three-Season Sunroom

A three-season sunroom offers extra living space, though it’s not as comfortable in extreme cold or heat because it lacks insulation. These sunrooms use floor-to-ceiling windows to let in maximum sunlight. They are slightly cheaper than other sunroom styles. The nationwide average cost for a three-season addition is $10,000 to $40,000.

Four-Season Sunroom

Four-season sunrooms in real estate development are on the more expensive end of the price spectrum, with average costs ranging from $25,000 to $80,000. The primary difference between three- and four-season sunrooms is that four-season designs have insulation and climate control for year-round comfort. These sunrooms expand a home’s living space — homeowners can use them for relaxing or entertaining. They have generously sized windows, though they don’t extend from the floor to the ceiling. 

Glass Solarium

Three- and four-season sunrooms serve as extensions of a home, while a glass solarium is an elevated outdoor room. These spaces have glass windows and roofs and are perfectly comfortable when it’s warm outside. However, glass solariums are not welcoming places when it’s cold because they don’t have insulation. A solarium can cost between $30,000 and $75,000.


Conservatories are similar to sunrooms, though most homeowners primarily use these spaces to grow indoor plants instead of as a living area. These rooms usually have features like irrigation and humidifiers that allow plants to thrive inside. Some people furnish them with waterproof patio furniture. The average cost of building a conservatory is between $200 and $400 per square foot.


Atriums are interior spaces that let natural light in. These are typically in the center of a home. However, adding a glass roof can convert any room into an atrium. As a result, they’re also on the more affordable end of the sunroom price range. Atriums can cost between $10,000 and $35,000. Factor in the costs of additional material and labor when adding large windows. 

Sunroom Cost Breakdown

While the sunroom style will determine the bulk of the costs, other factors like size and materials will also influence the price. Each sunroom has different construction times, so the relevant labor costs can vary. 


Other than the essential glass windows, wood, vinyl and aluminum are common sunroom materials. Larger and more complex building projects require additional construction materials. Four-season sunroom materials are on the highest end of the cost spectrum because they have insulation and connect to the home’s HVAC system. Meanwhile, conservatory-style sunrooms are usually simpler and more affordable to build.

The room’s square footage will determine how much material you need for the project, so measure carefully when calculating the costs of a sunroom addition. 


The labor costs for sunroom installations usually run about a half to a third of the materials’ total costs. However, this number can increase if the building plans include roofing, electrical work and HVAC installation. For this reason, installing an atrium can cost more than a three-season sunroom that doesn’t require roofing or HVAC work. 

The sunroom size and type will also influence labor costs because some sunrooms are easier to construct than others. For example, an atrium only requires roofing work, while a conservatory requires complete construction. 

Additional Costs and Considerations

Additional costs of sunrooms for real estate developers to consider include the building permit, which you must obtain to prevent issues with insurance and compliance. There may also be expenses associated with site preparation, like excavating or leveling the ground.  

The Cost of a Sunroom vs. Return on Investment

While a four-season sunroom is technically the only style that can extend a property’s square footage, all types can add value. Property value should increase by approximately half the project’s total costs. For example, if a sunroom costs $20,000 to build and install, it can add about $10,000 to the property value.

Sunrooms are among the most desirable outdoor features among homebuyers. These property features are increasingly sought-after as more people realize the advantages of owning a sunroom, like energy efficiency, versatility and even health benefits. 

Because sunrooms offer an excellent ROI and can raise a home’s selling price, the benefits of a sunroom addition outweigh the installation costs. 

Contact Garrety Glass for Quality Sunroom Additions

Contact Garrety Glass for Quality Sunroom Additions

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