Best Plants for Your Sunroom

Sunrooms provide a sense of beauty and sophistication unmatched by any other residential space. If you’re looking to enhance your sunroom’s charm and appeal, consider adding some elegant and eye-catching greenery. Potted plants are beautiful, easy to care for and bring striking pops of color into any space.

Sunroom Plant Ideas

When you choose plants to put in your sunroom, it’s important to consider what types of flora will thrive best in your sunroom’s environment. From climate to sunlight and water intake, there are many elements to consider when selecting your indoor plants for the best growth results.

Hibiscus Flowers

Bring the tropics into your sunroom with a vibrant and breathtaking hibiscus flower. These plants come in hardy and tropical varieties, so you can choose your bloom depending on the temperature of your sunroom. 

Hibiscus flowers require light fertilization and regular watering, but you must administer the appropriate water volume to prevent oversaturation. Choose a container that allows for easy drainage, then watch your flower thrive!


This dainty and colorful plant gives a quaint and classic look to any sunroom. These pink-flowered plants require lots of watering and proper drainage to flourish — however, you must pour the water at the plant’s base and avoid splashing the leaves to prevent decay. Monitor your begonia’s pH levels to ensure the soil is at the right acidity level.

Boston Ferns

With luscious, thick leaves and a stunning green hue, Boston ferns are some of the best plants for any sunroom. These plants are highly versatile, so you can plant them in pots or hang them on hooks depending on your decorative preferences. 

When caring for Boston ferns, keep them in a humid environment. During dryer months, try spritzing your fern with water to maintain damper soil.

African Violets

African violets struggle to grow in outdoor environments where they have to compete for resources with other plants, making them perfect for indoor sunrooms. These gorgeous flowers have a rich purple hue that will bring a sense of opulence into any indoor space. Just make sure that you house your African violets at room temperature to keep them comfortable and free of chilling and spotting.

Passion Flower

Sunrooms trap heat, providing a naturally warm environment perfect for tropical plants such as the passion flower. This unique and vibrant flower is known for its enchanting, sweet scent and striking appearance. Be sure to plant your passion flower in a large pot, occasionally trim its vines and keep the soil damp to avoid overwatering.

Spider Plants

Spider plants are considered some of the best plants to put in a sunroom due to their hardy, forgiving and low-maintenance nature. For the best results, place your plant in indirect sunlight, ensure that it has proper drainage and avoid oversaturation. However, if you do overwater your spider plant, it should make a full recovery after drying.

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