Creating Privacy in Your Glass Shower — Solutions and Design Ideas

Many homeowners choose glass showers for their unique impact on bathroom design. If your bathroom is small and you want to make it seem open and roomy, a glass shower could be your ideal solution.  From a design standpoint, glass is elegant and fits a modern, minimalist or spa aesthetic. 

While glass showers look incredible, they can pose a problem for privacy. Thankfully, you have several design options for enjoying a glass shower while staying discreet.  

Why Choose a Glass Shower Door?

If you’re interested in bathroom design, you’ve probably seen glass shower doors everywhere. Homeowners worldwide choose this shower door because of its visual appeal. Here are the top five reasons to choose glass shower doors. 

  1. Add space: Glass shower doors make small bathrooms feel larger. 
  2. Let light in: When you enclose your shower with glass, more light can come into the space.
  3. Offer versatile style: Glass shower doors work with a wide range of styles, so you can update your bathroom without doing a complete renovation. 
  4. Are an investment: Glass shower doors are a modern classic that will be on-trend for years.
  5. Easy to care for: You can quickly wipe glass shower doors clean.

Most people only have one concern about glass doors — how to make them private. Transparent glass looks beautiful in a space, but you must also live with it. Many people don’t enjoy feeling out in the open when showering. 

A private shower may be a must-have if you share your bathroom with your partner, kids, guests or roommates. Thankfully, there are many ways to increase glass shower doors’ privacy. 

How to Make Glass Shower Doors Private

The trick with glass shower doors is creating privacy while maintaining your bathroom’s elegant, modern feel. Though a shower curtain would add separation, it would simultaneously ruin the open aesthetic.

The ideal solution should support your bathroom design while improving privacy in the shower. Thankfully, you have several options for what you can put on your shower door for privacy. Here are five options to help you choose what works best for you.

1. Frosted Glass

Frosted glass doors are probably the most popular solution for glass shower privacy. You can purchase shower doors that are already frosted or add a frosted layer after installation. In addition to creating privacy, frosted glass doors also have a range of design benefits. 

  • Frosted glass is timeless and will be stylish for years to come.
  • It allows natural light to pass into your shower, keeping the space bright. 
  • Frosted glass doesn’t show smudges like clear glass.

There are many options for how to frost shower glass doors. You can frost the entire door or turn the frosted glass into a design element with a pattern of stripes and blocks. Frosted glass comes in different degrees of transparency.

2. Smart Glass

If you’re interested in frosted glass but not sold on its appearance, smart glass may be a good option for your space. You can toggle smart glass between clear and frosted by flipping a switch. It looks incredible and easily meets design and privacy goals. 

Smart glass uses electricity to align small liquid crystals that create transparency. When the current is off, the crystals scatter and the glass becomes opaque. Thankfully, smart shower glass does not use much electricity. However, there is one downside — the purchasing cost. Smart glass is typically much more expensive than traditional frosted glass. If you’re operating on a budget, smart glass may not be the best solution for privacy in your shower space.

3. Textured Glass

Textured Glass

Another option is choosing textured glass doors for your shower. Textured glass is similar to frosted glass in that it’s opaque while allowing light to pass through. While frosted glass has a smooth, even finish, textured glass takes etching even further. 

Some common textured glass patterns include: 

  • Bamboo glass
  • Rain glass
  • Ribbed glass
  • Aquatex glass

Textured glass comes in various patterns that can blend with many different design styles. While some textures are random, others use etching to represent leaves, flowers, bamboo and more.

4. Tinted Glass

Like frosted glass, tinted shower doors use opacity to create privacy. However, they work by adding a color to the glass rather than etching it. You can get many tinted glass colors to enhance your overall decor. 

Standard tints for shower doors include blue, green, black and gray. Tinted glass is still relatively transparent, so it’s not the best choice if you want a high degree of privacy. However, it will let more light into the stall and make your bathroom feel larger. 

From inside the shower, tinted glass will change the light color and can impact the space in several ways. It may make your shower feel more private and enclosed, which some people prefer. However, others may opt for frosted or textured glass to avoid the color change inside.

5. Privacy Films

Some people prefer to add a privacy film to their shower doors instead of etching the glass. These films closely resemble frosted or textured glass and come in various styles. While they’re affordable, they don’t last as long or stay as clean as genuine glass. 

Some privacy films have a tint or color, adding another design dimension to your bathroom. However, there are also many clear options to enhance your privacy without detracting from your room’s elegant, minimalist feel.

Privacy films are easy to apply and should always go on the outside of your shower glass. If applied properly, they’re also easy to remove and replace. Though films are not a permanent solution, they are affordable and a good choice for some homeowners.

Find Elegant Privacy Solutions for Your Shower With Garrety Glass 

Find Elegant Privacy Solutions for Your Shower With Garrety Glass

Glass shower doors offer visual appeal and let light into your space, making small bathrooms seem larger. However, their lack of privacy can be a concern for some homeowners. Garrety Glass offers various glass colors, textures and patterns to create discreet showering experiences. 

Integrate tinted, frosted and etched glass into your bathroom design for an elegant upgrade that supports your style while offering privacy. If you’re ready to update your bathroom, contact us to request a quote today!