Glass Shower Installation Mistakes to Look for and Avoid

If you’re remodeling your bathroom and are ready to install or replace your existing shower, you’ll want to avoid making glass shower door mistakes that may cost you in the long run. Read on for tips on common shower door installation problems and how to solve them. 

1. The Swinging Door Gets in the Way

Not all bathrooms are designed practically. Some are to enhance the aesthetics and make the bathroom appear bigger, but they often achieve the opposite effect. While you may want to incorporate a design that includes everything, you must consider your current floor size and layout. 

Swinging doors include two varieties — pivoting or hinged. Regardless of the type, swinging doors present a few problems you want to avoid:

  • They open awkwardly, knocking into other components like the wall or cabinet. 
  • Hinged doors tend to transfer water from the shower to the floor when you open it, dripping to form a puddle that could pose a slipping hazard. 
  • The door takes up more space, making your bathroom appear and function as if it’s smaller than it is.

Solution: Upgrade the Shower Door Style

You have a few options when it comes to replacing a swinging door with one that will work for you. Here are some alternatives to consider:

  • Glass sliding doors: Glass sliding doors are used in many households due to their versatility. You can install up to three panels that slide or one that slides while the others are fixed. They save space and are ideal for corner and free-standing showers.
  • Bi-fold shower doors: Considered great for saving space, these shower doors have two or three panels that fold inward, similar to closet doors.
  • Curved shower doors: This door design is beautiful and functional, perfect for corner showers that require little space and maintenance. 
  • Frameless shower doors: Although costlier than other alternatives due to the thick glass required to keep it sturdy, this door will enhance the flow and space with its transparent appeal. The lack of frames lets you show off your beautiful tile design. 

2. Your Current Glass Door Wobbles

While you may have bought your home with its existing shower, you could encounter problems with it later. When builders try to cut corners, they consider parts that are often overlooked. The shower door glass is one of those facets. They may use thin glass with a sturdy frame for the illusion that it’s good quality, but in time, it starts wobbling and offers less security. 

Solution: Install a Frameless, Semi-Frameless or Framed Door

Replace your wobbly door with a thick-glass door with a frame, semi-frame or completely frameless structure. Below are the distinctions between each:

  • Semi-frameless door: These shower doors generally fall in the mid-price range since they are lighter than frameless doors but heavier and costlier than framed doors. They can be bought in 5/16-inch or quarter-inch glass thickness with frames on the attached sides and top but not the glass panel opening.
  • Frameless door: A completely transparent and open design that creates an airy, unobstructed feel. These doors are usually made of tempered glass in a choice of 3/8-inch or half-inch thickness. This must be thicker than the other glass doors because it lacks a frame for support but still offers the same durability. 
  • Framed door: A framed door is durable as it supports all the glass panels and prevents water leakage. The frame fits into tracks to keep the 3/16-inch or quarter-inch thick glass secure. 

3. Utilizing an Impractical Space

Where your shower is situated should allow for easy access and cleaning rather than be a hindrance. The space must work in your favor so you don’t have to deal with issues like unreachable leaks or mold and mildew formation. Sometimes, showers are built awkwardly to try to save space, potentially leaving gaps and parts you can’t reach to clean. 

Apart from the space, you want to ensure the shower glass type you choose is easy enough to clean and maintain. Do proper research so you’re aware of the pros and cons of the different glass door types that will help you decide on the right one for you. Considering reinforced glass for added protection.

Solution: Redesign Your Shower Space

Solution: Redesign Your Shower Space

If this is a persistent issue that gets in the way of accessing and cleaning your shower, consider consulting a professional shower door installation company to discuss options for a new design. They will offer the necessary guidance to ensure your new shower is installed in the right position and is aesthetically pleasing and practical to use and clean. 

4. Unsuitable Shower Curb Slope

To ensure the water is drained efficiently, the curb slope must have an inward pitch between a 1/8-inch to a quarter-inch to prevent spillage and keep the water from seeping under the glass door. It should not be level and slope on any ends other than the middle. 

Solution: Rectify the Slope Gradient

A qualified shower door installer can assess the curb slope and fix the existing one to create the necessary pitch to allow water to drain.

5. Getting the ‘Cold Shoulder’

Few things are as unpleasant as getting in the shower only to be shocked by a sudden douse of cold or scorching hot water. This usually happens because the shower valve is located in the wrong position, making it hard to turn on the water before getting in. You end up stretching to reach it, and when you do, the angle of the shower head might hit you with cold water unexpectedly.  

Solution: Relocate the Shower Valve

A plumber or installer should be able to move the valve so it’s easier to reach it before entering the shower. Alternatively, you may want to consider a pivoting or hinged door that will let you get in and turn on the shower to let the water heat before getting in fully. The only drawback is that you’ll need more bathroom space for either of these doors. 

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Glass Shower Installation Mistakes to Look for and Avoid

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