A Guide to Front Door Styles

The front door is arguably one of the most important design elements of a home’s exterior and facade. A quality entry door enhances the curb appeal of your home and should complement its architectural design. It can be something more neutral that blends in with the facade or something that provides a pop of color. The front door can give a hint of the style inside, as well as the homeowner’s personality. 

From modern to more traditional, sleek to rustic, neutral to colorful, there are so many different front door styles to choose from. We’ve compiled some of the best, most popular front door styles to help you find a door that enhances your home’s curb appeal and style. 

Styles of Front Doors

Residential front doors are available in a wide variety of options, designed to fit any home and personal aesthetic. Let’s dive in to these amazing front door styles.

A Guide to Front Door Styles

Traditional Front Doors

While “traditional” is a large umbrella category, it typically implies a more elegant and old-fashioned style that’s perfect for an older home, or any home with a more traditional look. These types of doors are often constructed from wood and can be solid wood or include glass windows, as well. The windows can be clear, etched, patterned or frosted. The wooden portions of traditional doors are either stained in rich finishes or painted for a pop of elegant color. 

Under this umbrella, you’ll find these types of traditional front doors:

  • Traditional with side glass: Sidelights are vertical panels of windows placed on the sides of a front door. In traditional doors, sidelights are often on both sides for a symmetrical look. The side windows match the door style and let in tons of natural light to the entryway inside. The glass can be transparent or feature decorations to provide more privacy while still letting in sunlight. 
  • Ornate glass: Traditional doors can be embellished with all sorts of ornate glass styles. Combinations of stained glass, etched and frosted can make for a unique and stunning entry with a touch of elegance and class. Anything from grand Victorian homes to cozy cottages can suit an ornate front door.
  • Craftsman: Craftsman doors typically have decorative trim and feature windows just in the upper third of the door. They are a perfect match for Craftsman or bungalow homes. 
  • Arched top: An arched top front door is sure to make a bold statement and can be used for both single and double door styles. This style is eye-catching, creating a stately, classical look for traditional homes. 
  • Panel door: Panel doors are a classic style found on a variety of traditional home styles, from ranch homes to split-level houses. These doors can be made from wood, metal or fiberglass and feature inset panels in a classic pattern. 
  • Carved wood door: Carved wood is another gorgeous traditional door style that utilizes decorative carvings in the wooden door for a truly stunning and unique look. 

Rustic Front Doors

Whether you have a more modern or traditional home, if you want a touch of country, rustic front door styles may be just the thing. Rustic front door styles tend to look a little intentionally weathered and fit in best when other elements of the home and decor are a bit rustic and weathered, too. These doors give a feeling of old-world style while providing plenty of visual interest:

  • Barn doors: Embrace that farm style with barn doors for the front of your home. This style hearkens back to old farmhouses and is full of charm. Barn doors feature plenty of large, visible hardware details, and some styles even split horizontally in the middle, known as Dutch doors, for the ultimate country feel. This feature allows fresh air into the home while keeping pets inside. 
  • Wood paneled: Another great rustic look is the wood-paneled door. This type of door features vertical wood panels for a rustic chalet look. They can be utilized in both modern and traditional style homes but work best when the home features wood paneling or wooden trim on the facade, as well. 

Modern Front Doors

A modern home needs a modern front door to complete the look. Thankfully, there are a wide variety of contemporary styles to choose from, sure to complement any modern home:

  • Midcentury modern: Midcentury modern doors are a great choice for many retro-inspired yet contemporary homes. This style of door can have a wooden or metal frame and features like geometric details, including large panes of glass in simple, often descending, arrangements. 
  • Modern farmhouse: The modern farmhouse style bridges the gap between contemporary and traditional aesthetics but leans a little more on the modern. This popular modern front door style features simple designs, sleek lines and sophisticated hardware options while giving a comfortable, welcoming look to a home. 
  • Contemporary with glass: Contemporary doors can be a little more creative with the glass inset styles. The windows in a contemporary door could be square, rectangular, diamond, round, half-moon shaped or more. They may also be more quirky or asymmetrical. This style of door exudes fun but can also look very sophisticated, especially in options that are mostly glass. 
  • Single sidelight: While traditional doors feature two side windows for symmetry, many modern doors only have one sidelight. The result is a door that suits more narrow entryways but still stands out with its contemporary appearance.
  • Glass and steel: The combination of sleek steel and glass makes for one of the most contemporary-looking front door styles with glass available. It’s a stunning look for modern homes with a bit of industrial influence. The look can feature a steel frame with glass inserts in various configurations. Mirrored glass gives the ultimate in modern, upscale style. Steel is also one of the most durable materials, making this a long-lasting choice for your front door. 

How to Choose a Front Door for Your Home

For the best results, consider an exterior door that fits in well with the overall design and architecture of your home. If you have an older, classic home, you’ll want a door that leans on traditional styling. Likewise, a very contemporary home will look best with a more modern front door style. That being said, you can often get a little more creative with the materials and colors used if you want a unique look, no matter the aesthetic of your home. 

When you’re choosing a front door for your home, it’s also important to think about your main priorities for your entryway. Consider things like the need for more natural light or privacy to help guide your decisions on what type of door may be best. You may also want to think about resale value and what may be most appealing to homebuyers — like a neutral color choice — if you’re thinking of selling anytime soon.

Front Doors From Garrety Glass

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A Guide to Front Door Styles