Custom glass shower doors can elevate your bathroom’s design and provide numerous benefits. When deciding on your glass shower door, you have multiple options to consider. If you are looking for a custom glass shower door in Cockeysville, MD, you may want to read our guide to choosing the best glass shower door for your needs.

Why Choose a Glass Shower Door?

Remodeling or upgrading your bathroom is an exciting process, and your shower is one of the most central aspects of updating your bathroom. Many homeowners may be looking to upgrade a traditional shower stall with a curtain to a more refined and high-quality option. Luckily, a glass shower door can provide exceptional appeal and functional elements to your bathroom. Here are some of the primary benefits of choosing a glass shower door.

  • Allow the flow of light: A glass shower door can allow light to flow throughout the bathroom, beautifying the room. Increased light also adds a practical advantage, allowing you to see better in the shower. A glass door lets natural and artificial light flow throughout the bathroom, improving visibility and enhancing your decor.
  • Makes your bathroom appear larger: Traditional shower curtains cut off the view of your bathroom. A closed shower curtain acts as a wall, making the room feel smaller. Fortunately, a glass shower door can open up your bathroom and make it appear larger and more spacious.
  • Increase home value: A high-quality glass shower door may also help increase your home’s value. Along with its aesthetic appeal, a glass shower door also adds functional elements to your home, bringing value to your bathroom and home as a whole.
  • Easier to clean: Glass doors are often simpler to clean and have less surface area for soap and water to become trapped and foster mold growth. Traditional shower curtains can be challenging to clean and have many places where soap scum and mildew may build up. Squeegee a frameless glass door to remove accumulated water and soap.
  • Customizable: Glass shower doors are fully customizable to fit your bathroom’s unique needs and design. Our team can cut a glass shower door to any shape and size.
Benefits of Glass Shower Doors

What Is Maintenance Like for a Glass Shower Door?

Like a traditional shower curtain, a glass shower door will need proper cleaning and maintenance. To prevent cloudy spots or soap scum buildup, you will want to clean your glass door regularly with cleaning solutions designed for glass. Never use a cleaning solution containing ammonia or bleach, as these cleaning agents may damage the glass.

Additionally, you will want to avoid steel wool or abrasive pads because these can also scuff and scratch glass. Regular cleaning helps remove limescale, soap scum and mineral deposits, maintaining the shining beauty of your shower glass door. When cleaning your glass shower door, you should use a microfiber cloth.

We also recommend squeegeeing your glass shower door dry after showering, which only takes a minute to do. Regularly squeegeeing your shower door can dramatically reduce the mineral deposits, soap scum buildup and water spots on the glass. Glass is porous, and it needs thorough cleaning and upkeep to maintain its appearance.

Which Shower Is Right for My Space?

When redesigning your bathroom, the shower will be a primary factor. Choosing the right style and shape for your shower glass door can elevate your bathroom’s overall design and aesthetic appeal. Here are some crucial considerations.

Framed vs. No Frame

One of the first things you will want to consider for your glass shower door is if you prefer the look of a frameless door or the ease of a framed version. Some of the unique aspects of framed and frameless glass doors include:

  • Framed: Framed shower doors are often less expensive than frameless models and come in standard sizes to support thinner glass. Most framed shower doors feature a rubber seal around the base to prevent leaks. Framed glass doors may require additional cleaning to reduce mold and soap scum buildup.
  • No frame: Frameless glass doors are an ideal option for open or modern bathrooms and are often easier to clean than framed options. We can customize frameless doors to fit your bathroom’s unique measurements. These doors often feature thicker glass. Because these glass doors are usually heavier, they require studier mounting.
  • Semi-frameless: Semi-frameless glass doors vary in the amount of framing needed and often involve a header structure. These glass doors also come in standard sizes, making them an ideal choice if you are looking for the appeal of a frameless door but do not want to invest in a customized shower door.

Glass Options for Your Shower

In addition to framed and frameless options, you will also want to consider the style of glass you would like. Some of our customers’ favorite glass styles include the following.

  • Clear glass: Clear glass is one of the most popular options for your shower and is ideal if you are looking for a more contemporary option. Clear glass is also suitable if you want to make your bathroom feel more spacious and allow natural light to flow throughout your bathroom. If you have patterned shower tiles you would like to showcase, clear glass may be right for you.
  • Patterned glass: Patterned glass features an etched pattern to complement your bathroom’s design and theme. If you are looking for a glass door that offers more of a statement, patterned glass may be right for you. Patterned glasses provide more privacy than clear glass doors but are more translucent than fully frosted glass doors.
  • Frosted glass: Frosted glass doors feature an opaque finish, offering additional privacy. The opacity might make it more challenging to spot dirt, soap scum and mineral deposits, so routine and thorough cleaning is necessary.

Glass Door Shower Styles

There are many glass door shower styles to fit your unique needs and complement your bathroom’s design. Some of the most in-demand glass door shower styles include the following.

  • Hinged and pivot: Hinged and pivot-style glass doors can have double or single hinges that allow them to swing outward or inward. We can also mount this glass door style to fixed panels or a shower wall. Hinged and pivot doors are ideal for alcove showers or narrow corner showers.
  • Bypass, sliding and barn-door style: These glass shower doors consist of two or more panels and are best suited for wider openings. These glass shower doors can provide approximately 60 inches of entrance space and are best for tub-shower combinations, alcove showers or corner showers. You may want to consider this glass door style for narrow bathrooms because these doors do not swing out.
  • Bathtub doors: Glass bathtub doors typically feature a bypass or slider design and are available in frameless and framed options with several glass styles. Bathtub glass doors are shorter than traditional shower doors and are excellent for any shower-bathtub combination.
  • Curved: Curved glass shower doors are best for stand-alone showers and can be an ideal option for those looking to save space. Depending on your needs, these shower doors can swing either right or left and pair with curved or neo-angle shower bases and enclosures. 

Why Garretty Glass for My Shower?

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