How to Decorate Your Sunroom for the Holiday Season

Many homeowners spend their time relaxing or entertaining guests in their sunroom. With the holiday season approaching, now’s the perfect time to transform it into an enchanting sanctuary for everyone to appreciate. 

Learn how to decorate your sunroom for the holidays in this guide. We’ll also explore some benefits of installing one if you don’t have a sunroom yet. 

Sunroom Holiday Decoration Ideas

Most of us look forward to the holiday season’s festivities. As you string light strands and put up garlands, why not add sunroom decorating to your to-do list? If you spend a lot of time using the space, it makes sense to add some sparkle so it gets you in the spirit and matches the rest of your home. Here are some exciting winter holiday sunroom decorating ideas.

Light It Up

Lights in all shapes and sizes will brighten your sunroom and make it stand out, especially when viewed from outside. Consider combining white and colorful string lights, net lights and icicle lights to illuminate the windows. The color array will enhance its luminescence and create a warm and inviting ambiance. 

Set up the Christmas Tree

The sunroom is ideal if you’re looking for a space to put up a Christmas tree. Find a cozy corner to place a small to medium-sized tree, or go dramatic with a taller tree as a stunning focal point in the middle of the room.

Add All the Trimmings

Once your tree is up, add decorations and trimmings to wow your family and guests. Be creative and incorporate as many variations as you see fit. Colors like green, red, gold, silver and blue will accentuate the holiday spirit, but include them in moderation throughout the room. 

Include handcrafted decor for a personal touch. Involve the kids in these fun activities and snap photos to commemorate the occasion, then hang them around the sunroom to impress everyone. Try these tips to make things extra special:

  • Hang a wreath at the door entrance.
  • Fill stockings with sweets and treats.
  • Seek a suitable spot for the mistletoe for those special, magical moments.
  • Display cute ornaments or figurines around the room for a fun, mischievous effect. 
  • Place candles everywhere to add warmth and reinforce the Christmas spirit. 
  • Incorporate paper stars in different colors and sizes. 

Adorn the Space With Winter Foliage

Plants promote peace and calm — feelings you’ll want to savor with close family and friends. They are a lovely addition to decor ideas for sunrooms around the holidays. 

Plants and flowers that bloom in winter are ideal sunroom additions. They add pops of color along with rich green foliage to enhance the embellishments. 

Adorn the Space With Winter Foliage

Here are some popular plants to consider.

  • Schlumbergera or Christmas cacti: Identified by their soft pink and white flowers, these beautiful plants will add a little touch of pink to brighten up your sunroom. 
  • Poinsettia: The vibrant red flowers are virtually synonymous with Christmas decor. 
  • Cyclamen: These petite flowers resemble butterflies, with dark pink, purple, red or white centers surrounded by lighter edges in the same shade.
  • Hellebore: Known as Christmas roses because they bloom in winter, these have striking burgundy interiors, with flowers resembling the rose’s outermost layer.
  • Pansy: Add this adorable plant to your sunroom collection for a multicolored display.
  • Primrose: This playful white flower can grow indoors, but you can replant it outside after the holidays to enjoy it in full bloom. 

Include Christmas Furniture Decor

If you have existing furniture in your sunroom, you could decorate it with Christmas-themed scatter cushions and throws. Or, mix and match them according to your chosen color scheme. Hang curtains that contrast or complement the rest of your room’s decor. 

Change It up for New Year’s Eve

Once Christmas passes, remove the decorations that symbolize the holiday and switch them to New Year’s Eve celebrations. Hang streamers, balloons and banners to whisk in the new year in style. 

Benefits of a Sunroom

If you don’t already have a sunroom, now is the time to have one installed by skilled professionals. Consider a few of the following sunroom benefits. 

A Room for All Seasons

A sunroom is incredibly versatile. The openness and airiness it provides throughout the year will improve your mood while providing a refuge to relax and unwind. While some sunrooms are year-round, others are only for specific seasons. Still, they all share a common quality — the freedom to enjoy beautiful outdoor views while remaining comfortable inside your home.

Convert the Space

If you primarily use your sunroom to relax and enjoy some downtime, consider turning it into a hobby area like an art, Pilates or yoga studio. Or, create a dance, Zumba studio or miniature gym. Whichever your preference, a sunroom provides the privacy, lighting and tranquility to enjoy your hobbies at leisure. 

Welcome Pets, Not Pests

The large glass windows in sunrooms allow enough sunlight to enter, inviting cats and dogs to bathe and soak up the sun. Some pet owners convert their sunroom into a permanent home for their furry friends because they spend most of their time in it anyway. The thought of having your pets safe inside while unwanted pests like fleas and ticks remain outside is reassuring. 

Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal and Resale Value

A sunroom addition adds value to your home in numerous ways. It appeals to potential buyers, increasing your resale value if you decide to sell. 

Choose Garrety Glass, Inc., for Your Sunroom Addition

A sunroom is a wholesome addition to any home. Welcome the heat and sunlight in the spring and summer and embrace the natural light while enjoying your morning coffee or tea during the colder seasons. Whatever the weather outside, a sunroom lets you enjoy the elements without direct exposure. What’s more, you can adorn it to your taste and preference with holiday decorating ideas for your sunroom, whether it’s to celebrate or match seasonal variations. 

Garrety Glass, Inc., is the trusted expert in sunroom installations. We have years of experience in the glass industry and offer various services, including windows, doors, showers, decks and shade installations for residential and commercial projects. 

Trust us when you’re ready to install your sunroom, just in time for the holiday season. Call us at 717-741-9949 or request a quote, and we will follow up with you soon. 

Choose Garrety Glass, Inc., for Your Sunroom Addition