Sunroom Furniture

Adding a sunroom to your home is an exciting endeavor that unlocks all sorts of benefits. But many who install them soon find themselves wondering how to furnish a sunroom. They can only reach their full potential when they’re properly arranged and decorated, so sunroom furniture and layout ideas are immensely important. To help you get started, here’s a look at how to decorate a sunroom.

Big Decisions

Before you get into the nitty-gritty details, it’s time to make a few big decisions. The biggest decisions are how to paint your sunroom, how to arrange the furniture and what type of rug or floor covering to use. Feel free to go with a fun paint color, and remember that your sunroom will get plenty of natural light — so plan accordingly.

The furniture arrangement will influence what pieces will work best, and it will also determine the type of rug that works best. As for rug material, consider going with a natural jute or sisal, which brings the appropriate feel to a sunroom.


Dream big with your furniture — there really are no boundaries. You can choose furniture that’s traditionally indoor furniture, or you can go with traditional outdoor pieces. Here’s the most important part: Use furniture that’s comfortable. A sunroom is a place of leisure, and you want your furniture to be as comfortable as possible.


Window treatments allow you to regulate how much natural light your sunroom gets, but they’re also a design and style opportunity. Try bamboo blinds that blend the indoors with the outdoors in this transition space. Shutters can work, too, if you want to invest in them. And curtains are good, as long as you stick to light fabrics and colors.

How to Furnish Your Sunroom


Many choose to decorate sunrooms using plants as accessories, and that’s just fine. But don’t crowd your sunroom with so many plants that you can hardly squeeze your way in. Plants are great, but select just a few that fit nicely into corners and other spots. Make sure you leave plenty of room for yourself and for entertaining guests.

The same rule applies to non-plant accessories — don’t over-clutter the space. A sunroom should feel airy and spacious — a room filled with light and comfortable places to sit or to lie down. So, no matter what accessories you choose, make sure they don’t overwhelm the space or make it feel cluttered and claustrophobic.

Choose Garrety Glass for Your Sunroom Installation

At Garrety Glass, one of our specialties is installing high-quality, attractive sunrooms at homes in York County and throughout Central Pennsylvania. When we work to install sunrooms on behalf of our clients, we like to get an understanding of their vision for how a sunroom will look and how it will be used. This process helps us make expert recommendations as our clients make customization and design decisions.

Each of our sunrooms is backed by a 50-year warranty that delivers both peace of mind and protection. When you’re ready to enhance your Central PA home with a sunroom, we’re ready to help. See your sunroom options at Garrety Glass.