Professional Sunroom Installation

Adding a sunroom to your Central Pennsylvania home means you can mix the best of indoor comforts with the pleasant evolving outdoor scenery. With a new sunroom, you can not only enjoy nearly endless amounts of natural sunlight without unpleasant weather and pests but also add home value, improve curb appeal and have a versatile new living space.

For handy homeowners, installing a sunroom is more convenient and budget-friendly than ever — thanks to Do It Yourself sunroom kits.

DIY Sunroom Installation Kits: Affordable Outdoor Comfort

Sunroom additions are popular home improvement projects for many Pennsylvania homeowners. With a DIY sunroom installation kit, homeowners can easily and affordably enjoy added home value and a more luxurious lifestyle, as well as a new, comfortable, year-round outdoor living space.

A DIY sunroom kit has a basic design of a standard sunroom with a few unique styling options, including variable room sizes, roof styles, glass types and frame color options. The 4 season sunroom kits are some of the most popular options, keeping you comfortable all year round. 

Once you’ve selected the sunroom style that best reflects your ambitions for your home, you’ll receive a kit complete with:

  • Sunroom Frame
  • Glass Panels
  • Foam-Core Roof
  • Roof Beams
  • Full Screens
  • Weatherstripping
  • Fasteners
  • Caulking
  • Installation Manual

With a DIY sunroom installation kit, homeowners can quickly save on upfront costs by avoiding labor expenses. Plus, many DIY kits are backed with a five-year limited warranty for added peace of mind. However, the problem arises w

Professional Sunroom Installation: Long-Lasting, Quality Results

With its upfront savings and versatile design and installation options, it may be appealing for many homeowners to avoid working with a professional sunroom installation company and jump right into finding a DIY sunroom kit.

However, to ensure proper and safe installation, high-quality materials and a truly unique sunroom, homeowners should still rely on the assistance of sunroom design and installation experts. By trusting a professional sunroom installation company vs. a DIY sunroom kit, you can enjoy:

  • Superior materials: Some DIY sunroom kits use poor-quality PVC materials and plexiglass that may not last as long as vinyl, aluminum or wood sunrooms from a professional and potentially won’t provide proper protection from various temperatures and weather conditions.
  • High-quality results: Count on the experts to handle the installation efficiently and successfully. They have the skills and experience to accomplish projects that are more complex. So, if you don’t want to compromise quality, tap into their expertise and benefit from a seamless and reliable sunroom installation.
  • Customization options: A professional company will provide you with additional sunroom designs, materials, colors and finishes to customize your sunroom better and enhance the architecture of your home. Relay your requests to the experts, and they will match your preferred style and complement the overall aesthetic. Professional installers can also give you solid recommendations that best suit your sunroom. 
  • Streamlined installation process: Many towns and states require specific permitting and inspections that can be intimidating and confusing for homeowners. A professional installation company will take care of the necessary construction regulations for you. Professionals also have the resources and equipment to install your new sunroom quickly and properly. Depending on the size of the sunroom, a homeowner might take up to 70 hours for a successful installation.
  • Time-saving: Since professional installers have the equipment and resources, completing the project is a breeze. There’s no need to spend hours figuring out the next step or buying relevant tools that are not included in the kit. With a shorter installation time than DIY sunroom kits, you can bask in the beauty of your sunroom in no time. 
  • Safety standards: Professionals have the necessary training and tools to ensure your sunroom is installed properly, using the highest-quality parts to ensure the safety of their team as well as your home and family. Professional sunroom installation will guarantee your sunroom is durable and dependable for many years.
  • Product and labor warranties: While a sunroom kit typically comes with a limited warranty, a professional sunroom company will back their products with an extended manufacturer, product or labor warranty for lasting assurance that your sunroom was designed and built correctly and according to all local standards.
  • Cost-effective solution: In terms of cost, professional sunroom installation may have an edge over DIY sunroom kits. With the superior quality of materials and high level of craftsmanship, the cost compensates for the durability and longevity of the sunroom. Professionals ensure safe and reliable installation to prevent bigger problems that require hefty repairs or reinstallations. 
  • Financing options: Trusted installers offer financing options to cater to your budget restrictions. Get help from the experts through their financing packages and bring your sunroom dreams to life. Choose top-rated installation companies that provide practical payment terms that suit your budget. 
  • Free estimates: Professional installers understand that homeowners have different preferences and budgets. That’s why some companies offer free estimates to give you an idea of their rates based on your requests. Use their customized quote to compare costs and assess your financial capacity. 
  • Confidence and peace of mind: Hiring a professional takes the uncertainty and hassle out of home improvement. The installers’ expertise and experience give you confidence and peace of mind that the installation will be completed successfully. 

Sunroom Kit vs. Professional Installation

A sunroom is a significant home improvement that requires an expert’s assistance. While DIY sunroom kits are great alternatives, professional installations make the process safer and smoother. For improved efficiency, safety assurance, high-quality work and peace of mind, let the experts handle the job. 

Choose Garrety Glass for Your Sunroom Installation Project

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For our customers, we even offer free estimates, fair and transparent pricing and lifetime product warranties. To learn more about our products and professional sunroom installation services, call us at 717-741-9949 or complete our contact form to request additional information. 

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