12 Stylish Ideas for Decorating Your Deck

A deck is like your own little sanctuary in the comfort of your yard. Whether your deck is small enough to accommodate a handful of people or large enough to host a party, you’ll want to create a space tailored to your style and preferences.

These 12 decorating ideas for your outdoor deck will leave your guests in awe. 

Types of Decks

How you decorate your deck will largely depend on the type of deck you have. These are the most common deck styles:

  • Attached: These decks are connected to your home and typically come in a rectangular or L-shape. They may have one or more levels. 
  • Detached: Also known as floating decks, detached decks are separate from the home. 
  • Wrap-around: This deck wraps from one side of the house to another, often from the front all the way to the back. 
  • Multilevel: Multilevel decks have stairs that connect decks of different heights.

The size of your deck also plays a role in decor: You’ll want to avoid cluttering a small deck with furniture and ensure your large deck isn’t too bare. 

How to Decorate a Deck: 12 Ideas

Read on for small deck decorating ideas and how you can get the most out of a bigger deck with the right decor. 

1. Furniture

The furniture you choose needs to be stylish and comfortable. A larger deck can accommodate more seating, while a smaller one can comfortably seat a few people. A few furniture ideas that could spruce up your deck include:

  • Storage seating: This functional furniture is great for small decks. It saves space while providing storage for accessories and other items. 
  • Hanging seat and porch swing: A hanging seat adds a tranquil aura to the space. It’s ideal for curling up with a book or relaxing with a cup of coffee. A swing is larger but holds more people, perfect for a family to cuddle up on. 
  • Cushion covers: If you have hard chairs, adding covers will provide more comfortable seating. Spray the cushions with a protectant that prevents moisture from spoiling the material, or put them away after use. 
  • Tree stump: A tree stump provides a seat and can double as a table or centerpiece. It also lends a natural look and feel. 
  • Multiuse furniture: Furniture that serves more than one purpose, like a console for serving and seating, saves space on smaller decks.
  • Coffee table: A coffee table is a classic piece that comes in many shapes and sizes to complement any deck. It creates the perfect lounging area to enjoy coffee alone or with company. 
  • Glass tables: Create the illusion of more space with a glass table. It reflects light, and its transparency makes an area seem bigger. 
  • Mesh and weaved chairs: Chairs with mesh and weaved backs create a summery, airy atmosphere.

2. Carpeting

Rugs and carpets attract the eye with their vibrant colors and patterns. They can be centered on a deck, surrounded by furniture or placed beneath a table. You can also choose a rug that reflects your home’s interior dining area. Be selective about the material — choose one that will not need constant cleaning. Polypropylene is a good example of a material that’s easy to maintain. 

A bold choice is to paint a rug onto your deck, but this is a relatively permanent decision, and you won’t be able to move or remove it like a physical rug.

3. Plants and Flowers

You can never go wrong adding potted plants and flowers to your deck, especially considering the variety of species and colors you’ll find. You can take things further and create a miniature garden if you want to spend more time outdoors. Plants provide a calming effect and blend in naturally with your backyard surroundings. 

4. Lighting

With the right lights, you can enjoy your deck on quiet evenings. These lights can brighten your deck area:

  • Solar lights
  • String lights
  • Lanterns

You can string lights along a pergola, wrap them around columns or place them on tables on your deck. Remember that the lights must be waterproof to ensure they don’t get damaged if left outside.


5. Firepit

A firepit is a statement piece that will draw attention to your deck. It can warm up the immediate surroundings and create a cozy, intimate atmosphere for friends and family to gather around. If you opt for a firepit, ensure you place it on fireproof padding, especially if your deck is made of wood. 

6. Accents and Centerpieces

Beautiful accents and centerpieces like ornaments, a mirror, a statue, a rug and a firepit can make your deck unique and personalized. You can choose bold or subtle colors, depending on your tastes. Hang a mirror above the seating, place a statue in the garden feature or situate antique ornaments around your deck to achieve your desired look.

7. Themed Decor

Themed decor can transform your deck. These are a few popular themes to consider:

  • Beach
  • Summer campsite
  • Floral
  • Bohemian
  • Rustic
  • Minimalist

Do some research to find appropriate colors and decor items that represent your chosen theme.

8. Contrast and Color

One of the best parts of customizing your deck is having fun with colors. For example, you can express your quirky side with fresh, spunky pops of color that stand out from the rest of the neutral decor. Paint small areas of your deck, add colorful cushions and throws, place a brightly colored bar fridge in full view, or hang neon lights to brighten anyone’s day.

9. Privacy 

If you have neighbors whose house is close to yours, add a wooden screen or lattice panels covered with grapevine or wisteria to help obstruct the view. Try to make it look natural and not like an intentional barrier. These screens or panels also create a stunning backdrop for selfies and impromptu photoshoots. 

10. Shade

For larger decks, a wooden pergola will provide shade when needed. A smaller deck can accommodate an umbrella that you can move as the sun rotates. You can also add a retractable awning to control the amount of sun your deck receives. 

11. Outside Kitchen and Bar

With a mini bar area, you can enjoy snacks and drinks with family and friends without having to head inside. You can dedicate a corner of your deck as a drink-mixing station or create a more elaborate dining area if you have enough space. 

12. Exclusive Entertainment Area

Transform your deck into a dream entertainment area that will keep your guests coming back. Add a barbecue, dart board or game table for fun activities that will entertain everyone. You’ll soon be the talk of the town with your creative and fun deck area. 

Install Your New Deck With Garrety Glass

There are endless back deck decorating ideas that make the most of your investment. At Garrety Glass, we can build you a deck that exceeds your expectations and lays the foundation for a personalized space. If you’re planning to have a new deck installed, contact us for a free quote on our wood or composite decks. 

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