What to Do When a Window Breaks

Many external forces can take a toll on your windows. Whether a neighborhood kid’s fly ball shattered your glass or a nasty storm broke the window, you must act quickly to fix the damages. Luckily, a broken window is no cause for concern as long as you take the necessary measures to secure and repair the area. Learn what to do if you break a window by following these simple steps.

1) Determine the Cause

The first course of action in salvaging a broken window is to identify the cause of the breakage. Sometimes the origin of a shattered window can indicate additional hazards in the home that you should address. 

For example, if a powerful storm caused the window to break, you might find additional problems throughout the house, such as water damage or debris. In these cases, it’s crucial to determine the cause of your broken window to prevent further harm.

2) Secure the Area

Once you know how your window broke, it’s important to figure out how to secure the smashed window. Begin by blocking off the affected area. If possible, close the door or section off the space with some sort of barrier, such as a slab of cardboard or room divider. Wear durable shoes to protect against scattered glass shards. 

Next, warn your family of the hazard and caution them to stay out of the room until you clear the area. 

3) Clean Up the Broken Glass

When it’s time to clean up the broken glass, use the proper techniques to ensure a thorough job and prevent injury. Keep these tips in mind when removing shattered glass:

  • Wear protective clothing: Be sure to wear long pants, closed-toed shoes, and a pair of durable work gloves.
  • Pick up big pieces: Pick up the largest glass shards first and place them in a heavily layered paper bag. Next, move the container into a garbage bag before depositing it in the trash.
  • Sweep up small pieces: Use a broom to sweep smaller shards into a dustpan, then empty them into a paper bag. Finally, dispose of the glass in the trash.
  • Vacuum the area: Use a vacuum to remove bits of glass you may have missed.
  • Cover remaining glass: If any glass is still attached to the window frame, place a towel over the pieces.

4) Cover the Window

Next, you must figure out how to cover your broken window to protect your home against the elements and potential intruders. Many materials will work as a temporary covering, such as a tarp, shower curtain or heavy-duty trash bag. For extra protection, you can nail a sheet of wood to the window frame. 

Schedule a Window Replacement With Garrety Glass

Once you’ve completed the above steps, it’s time to hire a professional installer to replace your broken window with a new model. At Garrety Glass, we’ve offered the highest quality glass services like emergency glass repair at the most affordable prices for over 20 years. When you book window replacement services with us, you’ll receive a lifetime transferrable warranty to help you feel protected and insured.

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