Our main priority first and foremost is to protect families of customers, employees
and the community. 

Garrety Glass is following all CDC guidelines to include regular handwashing.
All our employees have been instructed to first, wash their hands with soap, prior to starting
work on your project.

All Sales Representative will take caution, use hand sanitizer between appointments and
wash their hands as much as possible. At any sign of sickness, they will stop running
appointments and get checked out.

All installers will follow similar precautions (80% of the work is done outside) so they are
less at risk.

Garrety Glass is using all preventive measures possible. We’ve compiled a list of prevention rules that we are following moving forward, and we urge our customers to consider as well:

Top 10 Coronavirus Prevention Rules

1) Wash your hands frequently for over 20 seconds
2) Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands
3) Use hand sanitizer which contains at least 60% alcohol
4) Avoid handshakes and other direct skin contact with others
5) Avoid close contact with people who display flu symptoms ( stay 6 feet away)
6) Practice Social Distancing – Avoid large crowds (10 people)
7) Stay home when sick; encourage coworkers to stay home when sick
8) Practice proper cough etiquette;
a. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or use the inside of your
b. Throw away used tissues in the trash immediately
c. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer
9) Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces daily
10) Take personal responsibility for you and your family’s health


Our offices are being cleaned and disinfected daily. We have plans in place if things get worse. We are constantly listening to the CDC.

We are working to our full capacity as of May 1.

Customers are the heart of our company, let’s help each other get through this.

Ted Garrety and the entire Garrety Glass family.