Sunroom Design Ideas

A sunroom in your home boosts your mood with plenty of natural light and gives you a sense of pride over your living space. Installing a sunroom can also help to increase your property value and create additional living space for your family. 

If you already have a sunroom, you may be wondering what to do with your space’s design. Before you start your project, though, you need to consider:

  • How you want to use your sunroom.
  • What theme you want to use to design your sunroom.
  • What furniture or decorations are essential for designing your sunroom.

Here are some sunroom ideas to spark your inspiration.

Sunroom Interior Design With a Purpose

You can create a sunroom out of any area in your home. A sunroom could be a playroom for the kids or an office space. Here are some ways to get more out an unused space in your home:

Sunroom Front Porch
  • Create a sunroom from your front porch: A front porch could feel like an extra room in the house. With large windows surrounding your porch, you don’t have to worry about bugs. Keep the appearance of a front porch with rocking chairs and comfortable wicker seating.
  • Make an additional guest room for visitors: Add a bed to your sunroom to give your guests a place to stay for the night. Complete your guest room with comfortable furniture and warm fuzzy blankets. Your guests will enjoy the view from outside while snuggled in a cozy bed.
  • Transform your unfinished sunroom into a greenhouse: If you like to garden, you can make your sunroom an indoor greenhouse. Install hanging plants and benches around your sunroom to enjoy your indoor garden. You could even set up a hammock for a warm, inviting space. Complete your greenhouse sunroom with watering cans and shelves for storage.
  • Create a space for hanging around: For a relaxing place, set up a hanging chair or a comfortable couch. You could also use decorative pillows to add extra color to your hangout space. Paint your walls a soft blue or a neutral color to make your sunroom more relaxing.
  • Turn your sunroom into a dining room: A sunroom off the kitchen provides a smooth transition for placing the meal. All you need is a long wooden table and matching chairs to fit all your guests. Make it cozy with a fireplace, an area rug and brick walls. You could make your small sunroom a breakfast nook with a table set for two.
  • Use your sunroom as a pool lounge: Make your sunroom a peaceful space to dry off from a day in the pool. Install vinyl or tile floors that can get wet. If your space is big enough, you could even put a pool in your sunroom.
  • Transform your sunroom into a porch: If you create a sunroom from your screened porch, you can keep the same design elements. Enjoy sitting in the sunlight on a relaxing porch all year long. Large windows invite natural lighting into your comfortable space.
  • Make your sunroom an outdoor library: Create a functional library in your sunroom with wall-to-wall bookshelves. Add comfortable seating, like a recliner or a chaise, so you can lay back and read. You could also create the feeling of a book café with a small round table and comfortable polyester chairs.
  • Turn your sunroom into a grilling area: Transform your sunroom into a barbecue hangout spot for you and your guests. Install a grill in your sunroom and cook all year round in the comfort of your own home. Complete your grilling area with picnic benches or wicker seating.
  • Make your sunroom a flexible bonus room: Create a flex family space. Whether your kids want to study or hang out after a long day of school, your sunroom can be the perfect place for them. Decorate your flex space with a couple of desks and a futon couch with decorative, inspirational pillows.

Modern Sunroom Design Ideas

Your sunroom’s design aesthetic depends on your personality and what you enjoy. For inspirational sunroom ideas, here are some modern trends you can follow:

  • Metropolitan black and white: Use black and white for a chic metropolitan aesthetic. If you paint your walls white, paint the door black for a stark contrast. Black and white tile or white couches and black pillows also have a contrasting effect. To add color to this design theme, use light brown furniture or a potted green plant.
  • Classic and cozy: Maybe you want a relaxing space to come home to at the end of the day. You can have a trendy look without compromising your comfort. Decorate with warm wool rugs, a wrap-around couch and soft pillows. In the winter, stay cozy in your sunroom with big wool blankets.
  • Cottage style: A cottage theme is cozy and versatile. Use a floral design on your furniture, rug or pillows for a cottage style sunroom. For a coastal cottage look, use natural wood tables and benches. Liven up your coastal cottage sunroom with soft blue, gray and yellow pillows.
  • Boho eclectic: Bring your home to life with a Boho-chic sunroom design. The art of Boho eclectic decor is that you can combine different furniture styles. Layer complementing patterns and use fun, creative colors to show off your taste.
  • Trendy and traditionalMix these contrasting design styles with bold colors. Let your personality shine with bold, fun colors. Large windows, white walls, wooden features and pastel-colored furniture fits the current trend. Add creative flair to your sunroom furniture with decorative pillows.
Simple and Sophisticated Sunroom
  • Simple and sophisticatedCombine an elegant look with simple design elements. Shades of brown can be both fancy and laid back. Whether you want an elegant meeting room or a laid back place to watch TV, use brown to decorate your space. You could design with a brown rug, brown chairs or brown wall decorations.
  • Spacious and functionalMake the most out of your spacious sunroom. As you visualize furniture and window placement, think about the flow of your space. Take advantage of the space in your sunroom with cushioned benches and outdoor tables. Leave enough empty space for guests to stand and mingle.
  • All-white palette: An all-white palette makes a sunroom bright and clean. White walls reflect the natural sunlight shining from your windows. To add color to an all-white palette, use colorful flowers as a focal point.
  • Bright colors: You can decorate your sunroom with bright furniture, pillows or accent rugs. Choose your favorite color and add some excitement to your sunroom. Use a bright color to draw attention to a focal point in the room.

Small Sunroom Design Ideas

Any design aesthetic is possible with the right household items. To complete your home’s look, decorate your sunroom with these modern pieces of furniture:

  • Large windows: Large glass windows give you access to natural light all year round. Natural light can boost your mood and help you fight against infection. Large windows around your whole sunroom allow light to come in from all angles at all times of the day.
  • An outdoor fireplace: An outdoor fireplace can be a cozy focal point for your sunroom. Entertain your guests and relax at home with a warm space, even in the winter. Decorate the space around your fireplace with brick or stone. You could put a fireplace in a sunroom designed for dining or for relaxing.
  • Live plants and flowersChoose colorful flowers with a simple vase to bring life to your sunroom. Hibiscus, begonias, orchids, African violets and passion flower can brighten up a sunroom. You could also use a simple green plant, like a spider plant or a fern, to make your sunroom more vibrant.
  • Small bookshelves: Take advantage of the wall space in your sunroom with some extra bookshelves. Place your bookshelves in the space under your windows so you don’t obstruct your view. You could also use bookshelves for extra storage.
  • A decorative area rug: Use a rug under a table to provide a warm space for you and your guests to walk around. When you search for a rug to use, pick a rug that matches the color palette of your furniture. A vintage rug could also add a pop of color to a sharp, modern sunroom.
  • Living walls: If you have an extra wall in your sunroom, consider making a living wall. Live plants in your sunroom can enhance the air quality and boost your confidence. A living wall of vertical plants brings the beauty of a garden into your home. With the right maintenance, you can have an indoor garden all year long.
Sunroom Curtains
  • Curtains: Sunrooms provide natural light and beautiful views for your living space. Curtains provide privacy for times when you don’t need natural light. Thick curtains keep out extreme heat and cold during the summer and winter. Sheer curtains give you privacy but also allow natural light in.
  • Design furniture on a budgetDiscount furniture gives you more variety in your decoration style. You can decorate your sunroom while staying within your budget. Visit your local thrift store or discount shop to find some fun furniture. Be creative as you use recycled items or used wall art to design your sunroom.
  • Creative benchesThe type of bench you choose depends on the function of your sunroom. For a home office or a playroom, you could buy a bench with storage. You could also use a hanging bench to feel like you’re outside in the comfort of your own home. Add decorative pillows to your benches for extra comfort.
  • Chandeliers and tiled floors: Give your sunroom a vintage look with chandeliers or other classic light fixtures. While you’ll have plenty of light from your windows, a chandelier creates a focal point. Add tiled floors, potted plants and stone statues to complete your elegant sunroom.
  • Natural wood accents: A wooden sunroom gives you the feeling of a cozy cabin with a stunning view of your backyard. Pair your warm wood ceilings, window frames and floors with blues and grays. You could also paint your wooden floor with a rug motif. A rug design painted on the floor is less maintenance than an actual rug.
  • Hanging chair: You can relax in a hammock in the comfort of your own home. Sit back in your hanging chair, hammock or bench to enjoy the natural light in your sunroom. Most hanging chairs also come with pillows to make them even more comfortable. Complete your hangout spot with a rattan hanging chair.
  • Indoor trellis: An indoor trellis allows you to design your sunroom like a greenhouse. Decorate your walls with lattice designs and green or yellow paint. You can even decorate your trellis with colorful climbing plants.
  • Glass doors: Use swinging glass doors to create an inviting transition from one room to the other. Even when you’re not using your sunroom, you can admire your unique design from another part of the house. Sliding glass doors allow easy access to the outside of your home.
  • Indoor and outdoor rug: Since outdoor rugs are resistant to mildew, you can use an indoor and outdoor rug in a pool lounge or greenhouse room. Outdoor rugs comes in a variety of colorful designs as well, making it easier to find one that will coordinate with your sunroom design theme.
  • Natural materials: Natural materials make your sunroom feel more relaxed. Use wooden, rattan or bamboo furniture for an eco-friendly, modern living space. You could also decorate with natural earthy tones, like gray, brown and green. A black or dark brown coffee table creates a focal point.
  • Creative shades and window treatments: If you want a break from the sun, use decorative shades in your sunroom. Shades will filter sunlight and promote privacy. Make sure you get the same shades for all the windows in your sunroom, including glass doors.

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