Glass Shower Trends 2022

Many homeowners imagine luxurious fixtures and glamorous materials to outfit their master bathroom space. The right finishes can create a functional and inviting watery oasis you can escape to every day. Homeowners use their showers every morning to begin their days, but a poorly designed layout or inefficient fixtures can detract from the overall enjoyment and use of your bathroom.

To ensure your bathroom design is not only stunning but also practical, select a trendy glass shower enclosure that suits your needs, lifestyle and budget. By exploring some of the latest glass shower trends in 2022, you can experience the illusion of added space, safe and durable designs, low-maintenance beauty, added home value and versatile styling options. 

Don’t settle for any uninspired or drab glass panel or shower design available at your local hardware store. Instead, transform your master bathroom into a relaxing, inviting getaway with an attractive glass shower enclosure. With plenty of trendy glass shower options to consider, you can maximize space, functionality and beauty in your bathroom.

Frameless Shower Doors

Glass Shower Trends

Traditionally, shower doors have been encased in a clunky vinyl or aluminum frame. While a framed shower door was a popular bathroom decor choice for many years, recent trends have removed these unattractive fixtures and replaced them with frameless swinging doors that make your bathroom appear more modern and clean.

Frameless showers can come in any size, so you always have the flexibility of designing whatever kind of shower you prefer. Plus, natural and artificial light can easily flow through a frameless door and illuminate all of your shower necessities while looking modern and chic at the same time.

Wet Room Shower

A wet room is an entirely waterproof bathroom, where the wet room shower enclosure is on the same level as the floor. This unique design can give any bathroom a totally open feel and allow for effortless trips in and out of the shower. Wet rooms are rising on the list of bathroom trends because they give a salon feel that heightens the desire to practice self-care and soak in delightful alone time.

Wet rooms also have a high aesthetic value. You can install these rooms and enclosures anywhere in your house, giving you unlimited design opportunities. On top of the sleek design and luxury appearance, homeowners love wet room showers because they are incredibly easy to clean. By getting rid of your bath mats, rugs and shower curtains, you can achieve designer minimalist looks with your favorite products and have fewer bathroom obstacles.

Transparent Shower Enclosures

For the illusion of privacy, opaque glass shower enclosures became a popular selection for homeowners in the ’90s. Over time, these frosted and coated pieces of glass have begun to look dingy and drab. Having a clear slab of transparent glass for your shower enclosure opens up the space of your bathroom and lets your bathroom appear brighter.

If you don’t have the means or the want to complete a new shower revamp, you can still give your bathroom a glass shower upgrade by switching up your shower door. Transparent glass allows for maximum light to reach inside your shower, brightening your mornings. To get the most from your transparent door, you could opt for patterned glass panels or redo the back wall of your shower to showcase vibrant colors or fun designs.

Transparent Shower Glass

Walk-In Glass Showers

A walk-in shower can be a confusing term because we technically walk into every shower. However, walk-in showers are a specific type of shower that is partially open. Due to their construction, these enclosures typically come in shapes like octagons, hexagons and squares, so the partial glass wall can easily rest at a nice angle. These showers are very accessible and incredibly easy to clean because you have less surface area to cover.

These showers can open up your bathroom space and make the area feel wide rather than closed off. Homeowners are using this design to achieve modern and contemporary looks while exploring minimalist styles. Getting creative with the shape of your walk-in glass shower can lead to even more design options.

Spacious Showers

Why would homeowners ever want to be cramped in a bathtub and shower combination fixture? If your bathroom footprint allows it, break from this outdated bathroom tradition by installing a freestanding tub and separate, spacious shower enclosure. With two separate fixtures, you can create a spa-like aesthetic and have the freedom to customize your tub and shower to fit your needs and style.

Spacious showers are an elegant way to treat yourself to some well-deserved steam and relaxation. Additionally, having two designated bathing spots will free up space, making your shower time even more enjoyable.

Instead of navigating those bottles of shampoos and soap, you can seamlessly step into your shower and have even more product storing options. You can really lean into the minimalist aesthetic with spacious showers by using wall shelves that seem to hide your products from view.

Tub-in Shower Enclosure

Upgrading your current tub-in shower door might be one of the simplest ways to transform your bathroom without going over budget. Keeping your bath and shower separate might be your end goal, but sometimes, space simply doesn’t allow it. If you’re looking to make a modern change without redoing your entire bathroom, you should consider adding glass doors to your current tub-in shower design.

Transparent glass over your tub-in enclosure can open your bathroom to look more spacious. By getting rid of your shower curtain, you’re opening your space and giving yourself a deeper view into the room. Avoiding a bulk frame will further open your bathroom. Additionally, by keeping your bathtub and shower in the same place, you’ll have fewer areas to clean, making your bathroom functional, practical and stylish.

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