4 Ideas to Add Instant Curb Appeal to Your Home

Curb appeal is a factor that many homeowners prioritize year-round. Whether you enjoy a clean house’s aesthetics or are a fan of home improvements, you can easily boost your curb appeal with a few simple steps. If you plan to sell your home sometime in the future, curb appeal can mean the difference between a sale and another home on the market. Luckily, with a few easy curb appeal ideas at your disposal, you can maintain the beautiful appearance of your house, yard and exterior decor to attract potential buyers.

Curb Appeal Ideas

Every home has the potential to host beautiful landscapes through vibrant lawns, attractive exterior colors and timeless decor surrounding your property.

Learn how to add curb appeal with these tips:

1. Prioritize a Well-Maintained Lawn

Have you ever walked by your neighbor’s yard and thought about how nice and green their lawn looks? Don’t worry, we have too. It’s easy to be amazed at the beautiful greenery and landscaping of lawns. Others can have that same reaction to your yard. 

Having a well-maintained lawn can be a fun experiment to see which landscapes look best with your home’s exterior aesthetic. If you have a green thumb, this project is perfect for you.

To make your yard stand out, take a look at the following lawn care tips:

  • Make sure your equipment is in top shape: The tools that help you maintain your lawn also need routine maintenance. Lawnmowers, weed wackers and tractors can experience clogged filters and dull blades that make cutting your grass a bit more challenging than usual. Try to stay on top of your equipment’s mechanical issues. Regular service to these tools allows you to maintain your lawn as much as you desire for beautiful green grass surrounding your home. 
  • Pull weeds by hand: Using a weeding fork, soil knife or other small, sharp gardening tool, you can remove weeds from the ground by their roots. Try digging as close to the roots as possible before pulling to avoid uprooting healthy grass. After digging out the weeds, patch up the area using your weeding fork by closing the gap of grass as much as you can. It may not look like the perfect spot of land at first, but your yard will thank you by growing back healthier than ever. 
  • Water your lawn less frequently: Rather than watering your yard regularly with a light sprinkle, try to stick to less frequent watering in larger quantities. Letting your lawn absorb the nutrients it receives through water over time allows it to sustain its resources for extended periods. So, water your lawn no more than once every week or two for vibrant plant life. If you live in an area with frequent rain storms, the weather might do your job for you!

After making your lawn look effortlessly beautiful, you could plant some locally grown flowers, trees and bushes. Healthy plant life goes a long way when proving the liveliness of your property.

2. Upgrade Your Mailbox

Your mailbox can say a lot about your home’s aesthetic and quality. Although this small structure is a tiny detail compared to the rest of your property, anyone passing by your house can view your mailbox without stepping foot in your yard. 

Upgrading your mailbox can be as simple as applying a fresh coat of paint to the exterior or repairing its broken flag. Mailboxes take on all types of damage, from intense weather conditions to flying debris that can impact their appearance. Next time you fetch your mail, check on the state of your mailbox. This simple upgrade can significantly improve your curb appeal.

3. Pressure Wash Your Home’s Exterior

Let your home’s true colors shine with the help of a pressure washer. Your home’s exterior colors can easily fade over time from weather conditions, aging, debris and natural outdoor messes. If your home shows signs of fading, a pressure washer can help reveal the vibrancy of your house’s colors. 

Before buying or renting this equipment, familiarize yourself with your home’s exterior. If your house has vinyl siding or fiber cement, you can typically use a pressure washer without causing harm to the exterior. 

Houses built before 1978 with painted wood clapboard siding may have lead paint that can chip off during pressure washing and settle in your yard. If your home has shingle siding, avoid pressure washing — the strength of the water can take off shingles. Take extra precautions around these materials to avoid spraying water on aging or damaged siding.

Before you know it, your home will look brand-new with the help of a clean and gleaming exterior. 

Revamp Your Front Door

4. Revamp Your Front Door

While you may think little of your front door, the details you put into its quality can significantly impact your home’s attractiveness and welcoming atmosphere.

For one of the easiest curb appeal ideas, upgrade your house’s front door. Front door curb appeal ideas can range from adding a new coat of paint to the exterior or adding a new entryway. 

A brand-new door can add to your home’s style to impress onlookers and potential buyers. Whether your house has a rustic feel or a modern aesthetic, there are endless possibilities to improve your curb appeal with a stylish and secure front door. 

You can even attract buyers to your home by considering safety and privacy. Front doors add a new level of security to your home, and you won’t have to sacrifice style to get these essential features. Nothing beats a beautiful door except one that also offers safety for all house members.

Contact Garrety Glass for an Entry Door Installation

Contact Garrety Glass for an Entry Door Installation

If you plan to improve your home’s curb appeal, trust Garrety Glass to help you get one step further. Our selection of entry doors is stylish, durable and secure, which complements every need and budget. Besides improving your curb appeal, a new front door can save on energy, let natural light into your home and last several years. 

When you shop for your entry door with Garrety Glass, you can find the perfect door for your home with our free consultation option. Or see each of your options in person at our Maryland showroom to select your favorite entry door so you know what your home will look like after installation. You will also receive a free estimate to stay on top of the cost of adding a new layer of curb appeal to your home.

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