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One of the most underrated ways to make your house look great is by keeping your windows clean. Clean window exteriors make your home sparkle as people pass by and guests arrive. Clean window interiors ensure that your home looks pristine and plenty of natural light can flood inside. But what’s the secret to keeping your windows clean year round? After all, cleaning windows can feel like a lot of work. Here are some tips on how to keep home windows clean while maximizing efficiency and minimizing effort.

  • Wash like a pro: Professionals can achieve streak-free windows for two reasons. First, they use the proper tools, like squeegees. Second, they use as little cleaner or soap as possible so that there are fewer suds to deal with. Also, try to wash your windows when there’s no direct sunlight. The sun makes windows dry faster, which is another leading cause of streaking.
  • Look beyond windows: Keeping your windows clean means keeping things around your windows clean too. For example, if you have blinds, you should know that dusty blinds can be a leading cause of dirty windows. Make sure you’re keeping your blinds clean, which is far easier than washing windows. In fact, you can find specialized blind dusters that make blind cleaning a snap.
  • Change those filters: When you’re trying to keep windows clean, it can often feel like fighting a losing battle. Part of the reason is that there’s dust, dirt and grime floating around inside our houses, even when we don’t notice it. One thing you can try is changing out your AC and furnace filters more regularly. These filters are meant to trap dust and other particles, but they can’t do as good a job as they start to get full. Make sure your filters are set for success by changing them more regularly.
  • Use the right cleaning products: Yes, you can use soap to clean your windows. But you can also search for specialized window cleaners that are designed specifically for long-lasting performance. Some of these products go on as a finish to be applied after you’ve used soap, and others are actually soap replacements. Using the right product can help give you cleaner windows for far longer.
  • Consider hiring a professional: Your time is valuable, and you may find that it’s worth hiring a service provider to clean your windows on a regular basis. Professionals know the best way to clean windows as well as helpful home window cleaning tips that emerge only with experience. If you find that there are better ways to spend your time, spend some money to hire professional cleaners.

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