Preparing Home For Sale

In a competitive real estate market, homeowners want to make their homes as appealing to potential buyers as possible to ensure a quick sale at full value. To get top-dollar for your home and create an inviting and appealing environment for buyers, homeowners can invest in several cost-effective, simple upgrades that have an exceptional return on investment.

The most lucrative and attractive upgrades include cosmetic improvements and functionality upgrades like window replacements, lawn care and landscaping maintenance, and interior remodels.

Common Home Upgrades to Add Value

With several home improvement upgrades, you can improve your home’s curb appeal, increase your sale price and encourage positive buzz about your property. These projects can also improve your short-term daily living and conveniences until the property is sold and offer exceptional returns on your investment.

When you need to prepare your home for sale, consider several of these worthwhile upgrades:

  • Efficient Windows: With today’s technology and superior manufacturer materials and construction techniques, windows are more attractive, durable and efficient than ever. When purchasing a new home, many buyers state that having energy-efficient windows is a priority. Not only do new windows save on annual utility costs, but they can also modernize the exterior of your home and make it seem more attractive and “move-in ready.”
  • Updated Flooring: If your home has dated or worn flooring, consider replacing these materials with trendier options to pique interest. Updating your drab flooring with engineered hardwood or plush, clean carpeting is cost-effective and attractive.
  • Fresh Paint: Among home improvement upgrades, applying a new coat of paint is budget-friendly and appealing to buyers. Outdated wall treatments like wood paneling and wallpaper or bold color choices can be a turnoff for many homeowners looking for modern homes with turnkey appeal. Replace drab and dated walls with fresh paint colors like neutral tans, creams and grays.
  • Modernized Essential Rooms: Bathrooms and kitchens are among the most used rooms in your home, and many buyers seek updated spaces with updated fixtures, luxurious materials and functional layouts. While bathrooms and kitchens are among the most expensive rooms to improve, you can expect to raise your sale price and earn back your investment.
  • Landscape Improvements: Today’s real estate buyers are easily swayed by stunning landscape and enticing curb appeal. Keep your exteriors looking pristine by repairing any damaged concrete, painting and repairing perimeter fencing, updating your lawn and landscaping with eye-catching flowers and plants, re-caulking damaged windows and replace dated, damaged columns with contemporary fiberglass designs.

Does a Sunroom Add Value to Your Home?

When exploring lucrative home improvement upgrades to help sell your home, you may consider adding a sunroom — but can this addition add value and appeal to your house?

Sunrooms are appealing for homeowners because of their versatility and mixture of indoor comfort paired with outdoor views and aesthetics. Three-season and four-season sunrooms add a unique living space where homeowners can casually relax and enjoy year-round seasonal changes while lounging with family or entertaining friends.

These benefits are especially appealing for potential homebuyers. A new sunroom for your home offers one of the highest home improvement returns on investment, at up to 80 percent.

Sell Your Home With the Help of Garrety Glass

When you need to sell your home, consult with the experts at Garrety Glass to help you select and install high-quality improvements to help increase the value of your home, ensure a quick sale and improve curb appeal. We offer a wide range of home improvement services to homeowners throughout Central Pennsylvania, including sunroom design and installation services, shower enclosures and efficient window upgrades.

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