Turning a Deck Into a Screen Room

Decks extend our living spaces outdoors, making our homes feel more spacious and providing space to relax, dine, entertain company and enjoy the fresh air. However, when the bugs and weather are less than ideal, hanging out on the deck becomes less enjoyable. When there’s too much rain, wind or hot sun, or when the mosquitos and other pests come out, you might be running for cover. On the other hand, a screen room can be enjoyed even in these conditions. Spend time in the fresh air while sheltered from the sun, rain and bugs. Turning your deck into a screen room will make the space usable more days of the year so you can enjoy it even more.

Should You Convert Your Deck Into a Screen Room?

Do you wish you could spend more time on your deck without all the annoyances, like pesky bugs? Are you dreaming of entertaining guests while shaded from the hot sun or rain? A screen porch could be the answer.

Screening in a deck is not necessarily an easy project or one to try to DIY. Usually, turning a deck into a screen room involves building a roof over it, and this is a job best left to the pros. If you’re worried about the expense of building a screen porch, consider that this project will increase the overall value of your home and attract more buyers if you ever decide to sell. Also, think about how the project will enhance your living space and how you’ll get more enjoyment out of your porch.

Should You Convert Your Deck Into a Screen Room?

A screen porch will not only protect you, your family and your guests from the elements, but your deck furniture will also be more protected. You can keep your furniture out in your porch or even add electronics, like a tv or stereo equipment, to the room without worrying about a storm ruining them. You won’t need to sweep the leaves and debris from your deck every time you want to enjoy it. The room could even double as a storage area during the colder months.

Screen porches also offer more privacy than open decks — an especially important factor if your neighbors are close by. The screens provide protection from critters beyond bugs too — you can leave food out on the table without squirrels or raccoons helping themselves.

The framing and screens on your porch may slightly obscure your views of nature, but it can also hide unsightly views or slightly muffle unwanted noises like construction or sirens if you live on a busy street. Of course, you’ll still hear these noises but less so than on an open deck. The screens also protect you and your family from allergens, filtering out some of the dirt and pollen so allergy sufferers can enjoy the outdoors more comfortably.

There is no one right answer when considering a screen porch vs. an open deck, but we think the benefits of a screened-in porch far outweigh its few downsides. Adding a screened-in porch provides the best of both worlds, giving you a hybrid of indoor and outdoor space to enjoy. You’ll stretch your existing living space and be able to use your porch more, extending the season too.

Benefits of Converting Your Deck Into a Screen Room

A screen room is the perfect mashup of indoor and outdoor space. You can enjoy the natural beauty and fresh air outside while still in the creature comforts of an indoor space. The benefits of adding a screened-in porch vary depending on different personal tastes, but here are some of our favorites:

Benefits of a Screen Room
  1. Keeps the bugs out: Perhaps the best benefit, and the most common reason people convert their decks to screen porches, is the fact that bugs aren’t invited to the party in a screen porch. If your yard is plagued with swarms of mosquitos, flies, wasps orother annoying pests, it can be difficult to enjoy your outdoor space fully. Screening your porch in ensures that the bugs stay out, while you can relax in comfort.
  2. No more weather concerns: If your family feels stuck inside when the sun is too hot or when rain and wind threaten to ruin outdoor plans, a screen porch can help. You can still spend time in the fresh air, even in inclement weather. Enjoy the shade and rain-free cover that your porch roof provides and extend your porch season into earlier in the spring and later in the fall with the comfort your screen porch provides.
  3. Keeps your furniture cleaner: Rain, wind, falling leaves and debris, bugs, critters and dirt can all get in the way of a clean deck. It seems that you need to wipe off your deck furniture or sweep the deck every time you want to enjoy it, and this can get in the way of your relaxation time. The protected roof overhead and screens around your porch protect your furnishings and belongings, meaning you won’t need to clean them as often.
  4. Increases home value: Adding a screen porch will inevitably add to the value of your home as well. Add curb appeal, architectural interest and charm to your home and attract more buyers when you enclose your deck with screens, if and when you decide to sell. Buyers will see this as a huge perk — one that can command a higher selling price.
  5. More living space: Screen rooms extend your indoor living space. Depending on what room it’s attached to, and how you choose to furnish it, your screen room can act as another living room, dining room, entertainment room and more. Give yourself, your family or your guests an extra place to hang out with a screen room. Make it an alfresco dining and entertaining area or a place to enjoy a quiet book — whatever you desire.
  6. Adds in some luxury: Even if the rest of your home is more formal or traditional, a screen porch is the perfect place to get a little creative. Why not put in a swing, hammock or daybed for luxurious lounging, a tiki bar or jacuzzi for added fun or a big screen tv or sound system to create the ultimate entertainment spot? Add in ceiling fans for an extra breeze in the heat of summer or a fireplace to extend porch season to even when it’s chilly outside. The sky’s the limit on how you can decorate or outfit your screen porch. What’s your dream screen porch?
  7. Better entertaining capacity: If you love throwing parties or hosting guests, adding a screen porch increases the available space and gives you more options for entertaining. No need to run for cover when rain impedes on your dinner party. Keep the party going in the fresh air no matter the weather. Give yourself extra space for holiday entertaining — and decorating!
  8. Adds privacy: While not completely blocking the view into your porch, screens do offer some privacy from neighbors and passersby. This is a great perk for anyone living on a busy street or for anyone whose house is located close to their neighbors’.
  9. Total versatility: The most common uses for a screen room are living spaces and dining spaces, but you can get creative and think about your household’s specific needs. A screen room can easily be transformed into a den, office, kids’ playroom, entertaining space, movie room, pet area, guest room, bar, arts and crafts room or a versatile space that works for any of these needs at different times. Your screen room can be anything you make it.

How to Turn Your Deck Into a Screened Porch?

If your home already has a deck, converting a deck into a screened in porch may be easier than you think. We recommend getting in touch with professional installers like Garrety Glass right from the beginning, because their knowledge and experience can guide you through the planning process, from initial designs to installation. But there are some things you can do to prepare for your screen room project and make the process as smooth as possible.

How to Screen a Deck

Before you meet for a consultation with your installation professionals, do some research on various screen room styles. Talk with all other household members about the function and design of your ideal screen porch. What do you want to use the room for and how do you want it to look? Think about what furniture you want in your screen room and how much room you’ll need. Consider whether you will need electrical or plumbing hookups in your screen room and think about lighting needs for both the screen porch and adjacent rooms, as natural light to these rooms may be reduced. Look at various roof styles and take note of the architectural lines of your home. Consider the type of materials you want with your screen as it is going to be used to protect the inside from outside factors. All styles, materials, and features will account for the cost of screen rooms. An expert can suggest styles that will naturally fit in with your home for maximum curb appeal.

If you’ve thought through all of the options for your screen room, and you’re still not quite sure what you want, don’t worry! Schedule your consultation with Garrety Glass and our experts will provide ideas for your screened-in deck and ask questions that guide you to the perfect room design for you. You can also see examples of completed work to get inspiration. At your consultation, you’ll receive an estimate for the total cost as well as available dates for installation.

When you sign the contract, you’ll meet with a design consultant and installation manager to make sure everyone is on the same page and you get the room you’ve always dreamed of. A representative will measure and inspect the area, and then we will arrange all necessary permits and paperwork. When you hire a professional, you don’t need to deal with any of this red tape.

Screen room over deck

Next, your screen room installation team will take care of the ordering and manufacturing of all of the materials for your custom-designed room. While we prepare the materials for installation, there are a few steps you can take to get your household ready.

  • Talk to all family members: Make sure everyone understands what is happening and that all children and pets stay away from the construction area. Make arrangements to relocate pets during construction if it will be too disruptive for them, whether at a friend’s home or in a different room away from the construction area.
  • Clean and prepare the porch area: Remove any furniture and belongings from your deck and clear it of any excess debris. If you have landscaping or shrubbery around the deck area, trim back or move as much as possible. Outdoor furniture not on the deck can be moved farther away or covered with protective plastic sheeting.
  • Protect interior belongings: Remove anything from interior walls that are adjacent to the construction area, like curtains, mirrors, picture frames, artwork, wall hangings and anything else of value, to protect these items from getting rattled, dusty and damaged. Place plastic sheeting over furniture and belongings in the construction traffic areas.
  • Provide access to the deck area: On the day of installation, make sure your crew can easily get in to work on your screen room by unlocking any fence gates and disarming any home security alarms.
  • Make electricity accessible: The installation team will need power to operate construction tools. Make sure that you have clear access to working power outlets or extension cords.

Once all of the prep work is complete and the materials are ready, it’s time for the installation of your screen porch. Our trained team members will arrive to construct your room to your specifications. First, the framing and walls will go up, and then the crew will install the windows and doors. The team will also work on all of the extra details in the plan, like electricity hookups and other accessories. Your dream screen room will come together quickly with our experienced professionals. When it nears completion, you and the team will inspect the project to make sure you are completely satisfied with your new room. Then, it’s ready for you to move in your desired furniture and décor and enjoy your brand new space!

Garrety Glass Can Construct the Screen Room of Your Dreams

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