How to Keep Bugs Away From Porch

We love our outdoor spaces — until they are visited by mosquitos, insects and other bugs. Wondering how to keep bugs away from a patio? There are lots of options, including the following:

  • Bug-repellant plants: Looking for a natural bug repellent for your patio? Plant bug-repellant herbs and flowers to keep those pesky insects away. For example, rosemary and garlic are both known to repel insects, and you can also establish a small garden with lemongrass and chive to prevent insects from invading your space. As an added bonus, you can use things that you plant — like rosemary and garlic — in any recipes that call for them. This is one of the best and most natural ways to deter insects and other bugs from spending time in your outdoor spaces.
  • Essential oils: You can find many different essential oil concoctions to help prevent insects from coming into your outdoor spaces. For example, eucalyptus, lavender, citronella and hazel are all known to help prevent bug infestations. Find an essential oil blend that works for you and your home, and take advantage of it on those spring and summer days and nights when you can’t get away from pests.
  • Hydrogen peroxide: Add a small amount of hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle. Spray it over your porch, patio or pergola. Make sure to spray the perimeter of your outdoor living space, as well — that will prevent bugs from getting close to you and anyone else. Hydrogen peroxide is relatively inexpensive and easy to apply — just make sure to spray away from food and drink.
  • Mouthwash: Mouthwash can be used in a similar fashion as hydrogen peroxide, and it also provides a clean and fresh scent. Fill a spray bottle and use it to apply mouthwash to outdoor furniture and the surfaces around your outdoor living spaces.
  • Dryer sheets: If you have dryer sheets in your laundry room, grab a handful and take them outside. Rubbing dryer sheets on outdoor furniture and surfaces can help prevent some bug species from invading your space, and you can even rub dryer sheets on your own arms and legs to keep insects away.
  • Citronella: Citronella torches and candles are a more traditional approach to keeping insects away from your outdoor spaces. They remain a cost-effective and efficient way to keep bugs away from your patio.
  • Lighting: Replace traditional light bulbs with sodium vapor lighting or yellow light bulbs. This simple shift can greatly decrease the number of insects that want to spend time in your outdoor space.
  • Cleanliness: Wondering how to keep bugs away when you are sitting outside? Start by keeping things clean. The dirtier and messier your porch, patio or similar outdoor space, the more likely it is that mosquitos and other insects will spend time there.

Tips and Tricks for Keeping Bugs Away All Day and Night

Whether you’re entertaining guests on your porch or just lazing on your patio, bugs can ruin your happy moments in seconds. Here are some detailed tips on preventing unwanted pests from disturbing you during the day and night. 

How to Keep Bugs Away During the Day

  • Take advantage of using fans: Control the breeze around your porch, gazebo or outdoor area and ward off bugs. Fans easily keep your space free from airborne pests like bees, flies and mosquitoes. Both floor and stand fans do wonders to prevent bugs from circling you. Use fans to survive summer without the mess and smell of repellent sprays.
  • Try bug zappers for seamless pest control: Just like yellow light bulbs, bug zappers give a certain illumination that bugs hate. This product terminates various bugs with UV rays. As soon as the insects come close to the product, they get electrocuted. 
  • Optfor a perimeter treatment: If pests have already infected your patio and around your home, it’s time for heavy-duty resolutions. Use a residual insecticide to eliminate pests for a certain period. Ideally, you spray on soffits, doors, eaves and windows to prevent entry on accessible points in your home. 

How to Keep Bugs off Your Patio at Night

  • Grab some bug blankets: Stay cozy and protected from bugs with bug blankets. These are perfect for when you want to enjoy the outdoors on a breezy summer night. Bug blankets repel almost all kinds of pests. This stylish layer of protection is mostly made of recycled polyester for comfort and convenience.
  • Install bug-repellant lights: Changing bulbs may not be enough to fend off bugs. Complete your night essentials with some bug-repellent lights that help reduce the airborne pests around your patio. The warm glow of the repellent lights drives mosquitoes and bees away. Turn on the bug-repellent lights for a festive and more enjoyable evening.
  • Go for a fire pit table: A fire pit table offers warmth and comfort perfect for intimate gatherings. More than the aesthetics, it’s another method to keep bugs away when sitting outside. The heat from the fire pit table keeps pests at bay so that you can enjoy your outdoor evenings. 
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Install a Cozy, Free-of-Bugs Sunroom With the Experts

Need an effective way to keep mosquitoes away from your patio? Consider adding a sunroom to your home so you get the patio experience in a closed-off space — free from insects. This is also a good solution if you’re wondering how to keep bugs out of a screened in porch. At Garrety Glass, we’re always glad to talk about your sunroom options. 

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