Solarium vs Sunroom: Which to Choose

If you’d like to enjoy the outdoors without unpleasant bugs or chilly weather disrupting your day, consider installing a sunroom or solarium. You may have heard these two terms used interchangeably, but understanding the differences between them might help you decide which is better for your property. Use this guide to learn all about the benefits and characteristics of each home addition.

What Are Sunrooms and Solariums?

Both a sunroom and solarium provide an extensive view of the outdoors while you’re comfortable inside. Here are the features of each type of glass enclosure.

What Is a Sunroom?

A sunroom is a room with generously sized windows that bring in natural light and allow you to see outside. This setup is usually a step above an enclosed porch or patio because it tends to have structured walls and glass instead of screens. Installers typically put them on a concrete slab rather than setting them up over a basement, so they tend to be convenient to install.

Depending on your budget and intended use for this home addition, you could either install a three-season room or a four-season room. A four-season room usually features an HVAC system that provides heating and cooling, so you can enjoy the space throughout the whole year.

What Is a Solarium?

A solarium is an enclosure made entirely of floor-to-ceiling glass walls and roofs, providing you with a complete view of the outside. Vinyl frames typically hold the glass in place to enhance their insulation. Even though it’s not usually compatible with an HVAC system, the insulated glass can keep you comfortable throughout the year. This addition tends to follow a modern design with its sleek, clean appearance. A conservatory is similar to a solarium, but has a more traditional, ornate style.

Sunroom and Solarium Uses

If you’re thinking about adding one of these glass enclosures, think about how you can use them on your property.

What Is a Sunroom Used For?

A sunroom allows you to enjoy the sunlight while staying indoors, instead of getting bitten by bugs, sweating in the heat or shivering in the cold. This addition gives you an extra place to entertain guests or relax with your loved ones. Since it has sturdy walls, you can also make this a more functional area, such as a home office or a gym. The natural sunlight can inspire you to be more productive and accomplish your goals each day.

What Is a Solarium Used For?

A solarium’s primary purpose is to bring as much natural light into a space as possible. It can either be freestanding or attached to the house. This enclosure is popular in restaurants and hospitals that want to provide a pleasant experience for their patrons. You may use it as an additional entertainment space, but because it features a glass roof and large windows, you can also set up a tanning station during the day and look at the stars at night.

What Is the Difference Between a Sunroom and a Solarium?

Even though a sunroom and a solarium have similar characteristics, these are the primary differences between them.

  • Use of glass: A solarium enclosure is almost entirely glass, except for the vinyl frame that holds these floor-to-ceiling windows in place. Sunrooms also feature large windows, but they have sturdy walls and roofs that can further insulate your property.
  • Purpose: Homeowners tend to use solariums for sunlight therapy to boost their mood and immune system. A sunroom is usually for entertaining guests and providing additional space for the family to gather.
  • Aesthetic: A solarium usually follows a sleek, modern design. A sunroom can better fit your home’s architectural style because it uses the same type of walls and roofing you have on the rest of the house.
  • HVAC connection: An HVAC system is more convenient to set up in a sunroom than a solarium. As a result, a sunroom tends to be more comfortable to sit in throughout the whole year.

Benefits of Sunrooms

Consider some of the reasons a sunroom can add value to your property.

  • It’s affordable: A sunroom is more straightforward for professionals to install than a solarium, so it tends to cost less money up front. Since a sunroom also adds to a property’s resale value, the installation may yield a high return on investment.
  • It brings natural light into the home: A sunroom allows sunlight into the house to help you save money on light fixtures. Natural light can boost your mood and inspire you while working or exercising. It also provides several health benefits, including lowering your cholesterol and improving your sleep.
  • It’s easy to maintain: The insulated glass on a sunroom is easy to clean with cleaner and paper towels. Unlike a screened-in porch that’s vulnerable to tears, your sturdy sunroom can withstand wear from excessive use.
  • It has proper insulation: The vinyl interior walls and sturdy glass plans offer effective insulation from unpleasant weather conditions and irritating pests. You can also install an HVAC system to keep this space comfortable throughout the year.
  • It has endless design possibilities: Since you can use it for indoor and outdoor entertainment, a sunroom can be a flexible space for you. Consider setting up a container garden or installing a hot tub or pool. You can design it how you want, using it as an office, gym or studio to spark your creativity.

Benefits of Solariums

Here are some of the advantages of installing a solarium on your property.

  • It provides a full view of the outdoors: Since a solarium features floor-to-ceiling glass walls, it gives you a stunning view of the scenery outside your home. The glass ceiling allows you to look at the stars at night from the comfort of the indoors.
  • It lets natural light into the home: Taking in more natural light allows your house to stay warmer in the winter, reducing your monthly energy bills. Natural light also boosts your mood and resistance to infections.
  • It protects you from the elements: A solarium’s insulated glass walls can keep out bugs and harsh weather while you’re spending time indoors.
  • It’s the perfect space for an indoor garden: The glass walls allow sunlight and heat into your property, giving you the ideal environment for growing fruits, vegetables and flowers away from hungry pests.
  • It lets you tan indoors: A solarium allows you to get a tan in the privacy of your home. Indoor tanning is beneficial for your skin and can help reduce your risk of some illnesses.

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