Double Hung Window in Kitchen

Windows are a necessary feature of every home — whether you value exceptional home protection and security or prefer letting natural lighting fill every room — but most homeowners likely don’t think about their windows too often. While windows may seem like a simple concept with a single pane of glass situated within a frame, window construction is an intricate process and the end result affects your daily living.

In early homes, windows were crafted as a single pane of plate, crown or cylinder glass placed inside a casement for moderate exterior protection and safety. With today’s construction techniques and manufacturing demands, window production specialists must skillfully create and execute advanced window designs using premium products and techniques to craft a window that is secure, durable and dependable, energy efficient, and attractive.

How Glass Windows Are Made

When exploring new window replacement options for your home, you’ll discover there’s a wide variety of sizing, pane, glazing and color options to choose from. All windows are uniquely constructed to adhere to specific project requirements — however, generally, creating glass materials is similar.

Understanding how glass windows are made allows homeowners to better choose quality products that suit their lifestyle, needs and budget. Glass windows are made by following these steps:

  • Mixing Glass Materials and Heating: Glass is created by mixing sand and other substances like lime or sodium bicarbonate. Once this mixture is created, it is heated to extreme temperatures using a furnace.
  • Glass Formation: After being heated to the desired temperature, the glass is allowed to slightly cool before being molded into a specific shape. As the mixture cools it stiffens, and technicians must begin shaping the glass before it becomes too cool.
  • Strengthening the Glass: Once the glass has been properly shaped and molded, it is strengthened using either annealing or tempering processes. Annealing involves reheating the glass panel then slowly cooling it, while tempering uses blasts of cool air to lower the glass’s temperature. Both techniques are intended to restore the strength of the glass and prevent shattering.

Benefits of Different Window Coatings

After the glass has been created, a specialty coating, glaze or tint can be applied after the annealing or tempering process has been completed. These additional materials are particularly useful for achieving superior energy efficiency and climate control or privacy:

  • Insulated Window Glazing: This technique uses two or more panes of glass that are spaced apart and hermetically sealed to leave a tightly insulated air pocket.
  • Low-Emissivity Coating: A “low-e” option controls heat transference by using a thin metal or metallic oxide layer added directly onto the glass surface.
  • Spectrally Selective Coating: This coating filters 40 to 70 percent of infrared heat wavelengths transferred through the glass, while still allowing full light access.

Different Types of Glass Windows

Home windows are available in several in several glass construction options: single, double, or triple panes. The number of panes of glass in your windows helps determine your overall energy efficiency, insulation, durability, and protection. A single layer of glass is the most basic and provides adequate overall window performance.

For superior window effectiveness, consider either double-pane or triple-pane windows. These windows feature multiple panes of glass that are separated by a thin layer of gas for exceptional results. With either double-pane or triple-pane windows, you can expect lower warm and cool air condensation buildup, more consistent and comfortable indoor environments, and noticeable savings on your annual utility costs.

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