21 Ways to Spice up Your Home for Christmas

Nowadays, decorating your home for the holidays goes beyond putting up a Christmas tree and ornaments. It can include reorganizing your furniture, changing your wall color, transforming your space to match a theme, or adding new additions like furniture and a sunroom. 

Decor adds value, warmth and joy to your home. It can also create a comforting and intimate space for sharing with friends and family during the season. Just think about the feeling you get when you wake up to Christmas lights, tinsel-wrapped pillars, stockings on the mantle and cinnamon aromas. 

Are you looking to elevate your Christmas decor this year? With these creative Christmas renovation and decor ideas, you can spice up your home — or someone else’s home. After all, it is the season of giving!

Ways to Decorate Your Home for Christmas

If you love Christmas, you probably love decorating as well. While trimming your walls, doors and trees is tradition, why not spice things up this year? Your home has plenty of potential for showcasing the festive season. From your furniture to your kitchen, living room, bar and patio, there are many ways to elevate your Christmas decor and home this season. Here’s how to decorate your home for Christmas: 

1. Choose a Festive Theme

While Christmas decorating can be fun, it can also be overwhelming. Selecting a theme is one of the best ways to stay organized and make decorating more enjoyable. With a theme, you can make your decor planning, shopping and installation more efficient. 

You can get inspiration from classic films like “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” or “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” Or, you can base your decorations on “The Nutcracker” ballet. Another option is to focus your theme on colors like bold greens and reds, minimalist metallics, or whites and neutrals. You can also opt for a rustic or more sophisticated design. Once you have a theme, you can envision and plan your decor. 

2. Trim Your Front Door 

Decorating your front door helps to welcome guests and passersby warmly. Instead of keeping to the traditional wreath, spruce up your door trimmings with greenery and seasonal signs. Place real or faux potted plants around your doorstep and deck them with your themed accessories. Install light around your door frame and Christmas greetings on your entrance walls. 

3. Add a Touch of Paint 

Match the season and your theme with a new coat of paint. Whether you repaint your entire home or add a pop of color to a single wall or table, painting is a great way to rejuvenate and warm up your home’s interior and exterior. Opt for warm orange, brown and beige for a rustic and cozy makeover. Or, add some bold red lines and green strokes to your fireplace and living room. How about emphasizing your colorful decor and renewing your living space with a classic and clean white paint coat? 

Add a Touch of Paint

4. Layer Your Living Space

Adding layers to your interior does wonders in making your home look and feel warmer. Consider new couch throws and cushions in your living room to create a cozy setting. Get one or two striking Christmas-themed pillows for a bold statement, or enhance your design concept with multiple cushions to match your color scheme. A new rug can also warm your home and provide a sitting place for Christmas stories, family gatherings and gift openings. 

5. Light Your Candles and Fireplace

Candles and fireplaces can warm and illuminate your space, and they can also offer a sentimental feel. Sitting around candlelight or at the fireplace often evokes warm and positive memories. It can also complete your decor and make your interior more comfortable for festivities, dinners and conversation. 

If you want to make your decor kid-friendly, opt for flameless candles. These often resemble and have the same effect as real candles. You can also repurpose your fireplace by placing decor inside — after giving it a good deep clean, of course. 

6. Change Your Wall Decor

If you have wall mirrors or framed decor, switch them out for art with merry signs and messages that evoke the spirit of Christmas. Swap your normal frames for holiday-themed frames, or hang new Christmas-themed canvases. You can also leave your mirrors up and accessorize them with fairy lights, bulbs and colorful tinsel. These warm greetings, messages and wishes can make your home decor more unique and emphasize the meaning of the holidays. You can find minimalist, abstract, quirky, or classic art and sign designs that blend in with your theme.

7. Try Seasonal Textures

While textures can be a minor detail, they can significantly impact your interior design. Textures can complete your decor, add symmetry and balance your space. Keep your decorations consistent with cushion covers, throw rugs, furniture and drapes that are of a similar material. Choose between leather and silk for a smooth texture pattern or wood and fur for a soft and rough feel. Play around with texture combinations to make your interior furnishing unique.

8. Create a Festive Drinks Bar

Use your bar area to create a festive entertainment area for family and friends. Decorate your bar with seasonal trimmings and stock it with traditional drinks like hot cocoa, eggnog, cranberry punch and mulled wine. If you don’t have a bar, use a table and some decor to create your drinks bar. You can place it near your doorway and give friends and family a delicious welcome drink. Or, you can set your bar up in your living room to create a festive entertainment space. 

9. Scent Your House With Christmas

Your home’s aroma is an essential decoration component. Scents can create familiarity and evoke memories and feelings. Why not spread joy and merriment with your indoor scent? Make or buy potpourri and place it in various home areas, or use scented candles for fresh Christmas fragrances. 

Consider scents and fragrances like rosemary, citrus, warm spices, ginger, pine, peppermint, mulled wine, cinnamon, cranberries and thyme to add Christmas to the air. You can also get scented sticks and Christmas-themed room sprays to spread these warm-season smells throughout your home. 

10. Choose Rustic Elements

Add rustic elements like pine cones, evergreen branches and wood logs to create a comforting and warm interior. These elements offer beautiful aesthetics and colors like rich browns, reds and oranges. They can also accent your candlelight and fireplace, providing a feel of Christmas spent in a cozy cabin. Plus, there are many ways to achieve a rustic feel without buying decor. If you have a fireplace, you can store wood in a burlap or grass basket, cost-effectively adding natural elements to your home. 

Choose Rustic Elements

11. Add Warm-Toned Lampshades

Consider changing your lampshades if you want to set the mood without fire or candlelight. Switching out your usual lampshades for warm tones and soft textures can provide more lighting. It can also make your space feel more intimate and cozy. Additionally, various lampshade designs can offer eye-catching aesthetics. 

12. Keep It Elegant With Metallics

Christmas is perfect for experimenting with metallics. You can add gold and silver touches to your mirrors, picture frames or trimmings. Or, you can paint silver and gold strokes on your walls and furniture. Gold and silver offer an elegant and bold look. Select light or dark shades to create your desired look and upgrade your home. 

13. Make Your Outdoors Sparkle

One way to spice up your home this Christmas is by amplifying your outdoor decor. You can keep it minimal or bold, depending on the feel you want to create. Add multicolor string lights to trees or pillars, or stick to a single-colored spotlight to softly illuminate your outdoor area. 

You can also make your decor more elaborate by placing an inflatable snowman, Santa Claus or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on your walkway or lawn. If you want to keep things simple, hang a few wreaths from your trees, add ribbon to your pillars or place miniature Christmas trees throughout the garden. 

14. Create a Cozy Living Room

You can use numerous strategies to create a cozier living room and revamp your interior design. If you have chairs and couches in your living room, rearrange them in a circle or bring them closer and set them around the fireplace. Add warm-toned furniture to the circle, creating a cozy conversation area and a new living room look. 

15. Add Christmas Themed Greenery 

Go one step further with your greenery with Christmas-themed plants and flowers. These planters can brighten up your space and provide rejuvenating scents. Consider popular Christmas plants and flowers like maidenhair ferns, poinsettias, holly, roses, lilies, orchids, green hydrangeas, Christmas cacti and amaryllises. You can place them on your table or mantle. 

16. Turn up the Tunes 

Christmas music can enhance a jolly atmosphere and lift everyone’s spirits. While not a visual change, music can impact the mood of a room, depending on the genre and the emotions it evokes. Create Christmas spirit with a jazz, blues or traditional carols playlist, and add the feel of Christmas to every corner of your home. 

17. Make Your Old Furniture Festive

You can use your old furniture to create new Christmas decor. Upgrade your furniture components by painting them in seasonal colors like metallics, blues or greens. You can also cover them in trimmings and decorations for a dramatic look. Instead of removing old wooden furniture, sand or wear them down to create a rustic or vintage design. 

18. Create a Decor Focal Point

There are many ways to spice up your home without decorating your entire house. Creating a statement wall is an excellent way to keep your decor simple while transforming your interior. Designate a wall for decorations, like stars, lights and framed photos. You can paint your wall a bold color to create a striking focal point before adding your Christmas-themed decor. A statement wall is also a cost-effective and convenient decor option. 

19. Get Cozy Bedding 

Your Christmas interior makeover isn’t complete without new bedding. Spoil yourself with fabrics like cashmere or merino wool covers and throws. Get them in seasonal colors or classic beige, white and neutrals. Fresh bedding and layers can keep you warm and provide a warm and cozy appeal. Additionally, it gives your bedroom a new design for the season. 

20. Deck Your Patio

Deck Your Patio

If you have a patio, decorations can spruce things up and make it more comfortable and intimate for friends and family. You can transform your deck for the holidays in multiple ways. Here are some Christmas patio decoration ideas to inspire you: 

  • Hang garlands and wreaths from the entrance, railings and lights for natural decoration. 
  • Light up your sitting area with candles, bulbs and string lights.
  • Add red, green and white decor to your space for a traditional seasonal theme and pop of color.
  • Place a reindeer or other themed decor item on the walkway or front steps.
  • Trim your patio greenery and planters with tinsel and other seasonal decor.
  • Create symmetry by matching your patio with your interior theme.
  • Place different-sized lanterns and bulb ornaments on your railings and other surfaces.
  • Wrap your patio columns in ribbon and tinsel.

21. Add a New Space With a Sunroom 

Consider a sunroom installation if you want a Christmas gift idea for your home or someone else’s. A sunroom can transform a home and offer more space for spending time with loved ones during Christmas and every other season. It’s a fantastic way to modify and add value to your home and life. 

With more space and light, entertaining family and friends becomes easier, and you have a whole new area to have fun decorating! You can host Christmas brunch or dinner, engage in hobbies, relax and add depth to your home. Here are some Christmas sunroom decor ideas to give you a better idea of how you can utilize your new space: 

  • Colors: Theme your sunroom with a neutral or bold color scheme to match the season. You can add neutral color furnishings like cushions, couch covers and touches of color to complete the look. Or, go bold with bright reds and greens. 
  • Natural elements: Add rustic and natural elements against your window backdrop. Hang wreaths, pinecones and garlands to enhance your sunroom and bring the outdoors inside.
  • Furniture: A sunroom offers a cozy space for Christmas lunch or dinner. You can set up your dinner table and decorate it using traditional colors. Place lanterns or candles near windows to illuminate and make your room more intimate in the evening. 

Get Sunroom Installation Services From the Experts at Garrety Glass

Gifting yourself, a friend or a family member a sunroom is an excellent way to elevate a home this Christmas. A sunroom is a lifelong and valuable addition to any space. It can open up space for entertaining, hobbies and relaxing. A sunroom can also offer more opportunities for decorating and sharing in the festive spirit. 

At Garrety Glass, we understand the value of space, family and festivities. That’s why we offer expert sunroom installations to transform and enhance your living environment. Contact us or request a quote online to add value to a home this season and the next with a high-quality sunroom installation. 

Get Sunroom Installation Services From the Experts at Garrety Glass